Solo Travel Female. Solo Travel Tips For Beginners, Stay Safe and Comfortable

solo travel female. Solo Travel Tips For Beginners, Stay Safe and Comfortable
solo travel female

Solo travel female. Safe and Comfortable Travel. Now solo travelers or solo travelers are in great demand by beginner travelers. One of the reasons is solo traveling does not require an appointment with a friend, can go straight away, more freely choose a destination, and so on.

Although many are interested in a solo traveling, not a few people doubt its safety. Especially if you are a woman, traveling alone has a greater risk. Many people who feel solo traveling will feel lonely, afraid of getting lost and prone to becoming victims of crime.

Even though of course there are safe ways you can follow to stay safe while traveling solo. By doing the solo traveling you can get various valuable experiences like learning to be more independent, practicing adaptability, and making unexpected new acquaintances.

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Six safe and comfortable travel tips for beginners as a solo travel female

If you are a solo traveling female you can adopt safe and comfortable travel methods to stay safe during your trip.

solo travel female. Solo Travel Tips For Beginners, Stay Safe and Comfortable
solo travel female

1. Does destination research?

The first and most important thing before starting a solo trip is to do destination research. Before deciding to go, it's a good idea to find out about the country or region you want to visit.

Also make sure to look for round-trip ticket prices, accommodation, distance of each tourist destination from lodging, transportation, ticket prices for tourist attractions, and so on. To make it easier for you, you can read reviews from other travelers. Then you can also join the related forums, and most importantly don't hesitate to ask more senior travelers.

2. Budgeting and Itinerary

When traveling alone, it is highly discouraged to engage in impulsive acts. It's a good idea to carefully plan your budget and your goals during the trip.

In the itinerary, you should plan in detail, starting from getting up early, getting ready, traveling from lodging to tourist destinations, when to move places, when to eat, worship, and so on.

After that, you must commit to the itinerary that you create. Instead of being stiff, this is done so that you can anticipate unwanted negative things. However, getting out of the schedule every now and then is certainly not a bad thing as long as it's safe.

3. Write down the important numbers.

One of the preparations that you must do before leaving for the solo traveling is to write down important numbers that can help you if something unexpected happens. For example, the number of relatives in the area, the police, lodging, hospitals, and so on.

To be safe, it's best to write these numbers down on paper as a backup. So that if you lose your cellphone, you can still call these important numbers without confusion.

4. Light packaging

As a solo traveler, of course, it is better to carry less and less luggage. Bring essential items as needed, like small towels, enough clothes, underwear, personal medicines, and so on.

For those of you who only want to bring a little clothes, you don't need worrying because now every inn has a laundry place or you can go to the nearest laundry and ask for one day service.

5. Save Money and Passport Separately.

Crime can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere, so to minimize ourselves as victims of crime, we must take various anticipatory steps.

During a solo trip, you will need keeping your money and documents separate. This is because if stored in a separate container, it makes you safer in the event of an unexpected event like being dragged away or losing your bag.

6. Update Social Media Status

This may feel a little strange, but you should update your social media status when doing solo traveling activities. If necessary, include a location.

This is done so that if you suddenly become unreachable or lose contact, your loved ones will know where you were last and others can help find them. Also, make sure your social media accounts are not private.

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