The Best Ways to Download Videos from Youtube

Description: Youtube provides you millions of various videos that you can watch and save. There are the best ways to download videos from this platform to your devices.



Tutorials on how to download videos from Youtube has become popular because it can help you watch videos offline. Streaming videos on Youtube sometimes requires a good internet connection to avoid video buffered. If you are on the plane or in some remote areas, watching videos might become great entertainment. 

This article shows you how to save videos from youtube step by step. There are 3 ways to download videos for free that are compiled in this article. Here are the details on the steps to download videos from youtube:

Downloading Videos from Youtube Online on a Website

One of the easy ways to save video from Youtube to your devices is through a website. There are many websites that offer services on downloading videos from any platform. One of them is 

The steps are users friendly. Here are the details:

Go to Youtube and select your desired video.

Copy the link of that video you choose.

Open the Savefrom website, and paste the link you copied before.

There will be a Download button that you can click. But before that, you can choose the quality of that video either MP4 720 or MP4 360.

After you hit the Download button, your video will be added to your device.

Downloading Videos from Youtube Using VD on a browser

One secret to downloading videos from Youtube for free is using VD on a browser. Many people don't expect that by inserting two letters which are V and D can make videos on Youtube accessible and downloadable. Here are the detail steps to save your desired videos:

Go to Youtube.

Select the video you desire by playing it.

Go to the video's URL and double click on it. 

Move your cursor between. and y and insert vd. For example, the address of your desired video is, so you must change the address into is, then enter. It will bring you to a specific website that allows you to download that video.

Select the quality of the video that you want by clicking the green download button on its right side.

Then your video is being downloaded.

Downloading  Videos from Youtube Using Third-Party Application

There are many third-party applications to download video either on Macos or Windows. One of Youtube video downloader applications that can be used for a desktop is 4K Video Downloader. Before jumping to the steps, first thing first, you have to download the application.

After downloading and installing the application, now you can proceed through the steps:

Open Youtube and select videos that you want to download.

Click and copy the URL link of that video.

Go to your 4K Video Downloader and click the Paste Link button. You don't have to paste it manually since the application will do it for you. 

After the application goes through the screening process, there will be some options for you to choose regarding format, conversions, and video qualities.

Select the Download button at the bottom. It might take time to download depending on the size of the video. 

After you know how to download videos from Youtube, make sure you don't violate the copyrights. Some Youtube channels prohibit download for offline use, but some others make it legal to do so. Therefore, be careful!

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