Simple Tutorials on How to Find Lost Phone for Android

Introduction: Losing a mobile device nowadays is not only about monetary loss, but also the data loss. Before it happens, learn how to find lost phone here.


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Losing a mobile device nowadays is not only about the monetary loss, but also the data loss – which is more worrying. Thinking about how a stranger might access your personal or vital business information inside the phone can evoke extreme panic. Before it happens to you, learn how to find lost phone. 

To prevent yourself from getting worried after misplacing the phone, know how to use a tracking system. Below are some methods to locate your device quickly. 

Using Find My Device 

When you set up a phone, usually you will add a Google Account on it. It will be useful when you forget where you have put your Android because you will be able to use Find My Device App or page. However, the phone must be connected to internet access (Wi-Fi or mobile data), and the GPS is turned on. 

You can do the following steps, visit or activate Find My Phone Android. Log in to the Google Account that you use on the phone. 

Select what you want to do to find the device. There are three options that you can choose. First, you can Play Sound, and your Android will ring for five minutes, even when you previously set it to silent. Second, you can Secure Device and have the screen locked. Third, if you think it is almost impossible to retrieve your device back, you can choose Erase Device and protect your data from being stolen. 

One the page, you will see a map, and Find My Device Last Seen will show you the latest location. 

The steps above will help you find your Android phone; in case you have misplaced it, or someone has unintentionally brought your phone.

Using the Third-Party Apps 

If you ask how to track my phone for free online, you can get so many answers, since there are some excellent third-party apps that you can use to do it. Below are some of them.


Life360 is an application that allows you to track your lost Android devices and stay connected with your family members or friends. It has a location-sharing feature that is only visible to people on the created group. 

IMEI Tracker Application

You can download a particular application called AntiTheft App & IMEI Tracker All Phone Location from Google Play Store. Install and give all the permissions that it needs. This app will help you on how to track lost mobile with IMEI number online. 

Knowing your IMEI number is crucial since you can use it to ask for help from the police to find your device, in case all the apps cannot locate your phone. Therefore, after buying a phone, make sure you save the data of the device’s IMEI.

Learning how to find lost phone is necessary before you experience all the misfortune. Protecting data is the most critical step to take when the phone is missing, and you cannot find it anywhere. However, preventing any loss is vital, so you should be more careful about the devices that belong to you. 


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