How to Download Instagram Video on Many Different Devices

Description: Instagram doesn't allow you to save and watch your video offline. However, you can still learn here on how to download Instagram video on many devices.



Instagram has been around no later than a decade, and the number of active users keeps growing. Just like many other social media, it is full of videos that may entertain or inspire you. If you want to save the video, then you must figure out how to download Instagram video in the first place.

Bear in mind that Instagram doesn’t provide you with an instant tool to download the video on the platform. Furthermore, you can’t have access to download private Instagram video where the creator doesn’t share the video for the public. However, you can look at three ways below to download an Insta video on many devices.

Download Instagram Video on PC or Mac

If you feel that watching video on your PC or Mac is more fulfilling than replaying it on your phone, you can download it from there. Many websites offer you the service without charging any additional costs. Some of them are DownloadGram, BlastUp, and also HashtagsforLikes.

Kindly follow-through the steps below on how to download Instagram video on pc.

Open the Instagram website and log in to your account.

Go to the account you desired and find the video you want to download.

Click the video so it will be opened on a new window.

Copy the Insta Video URL

Open the downloader and paste the URL on an empty bar in the landing page. Then Enter.

The thumbnail of the video will appear underneath the bar, then click Download.

The video will be playing on a new screen, click the dots on the lower-right corner, then hit the Download once more.

Your video is now saved, and you can find it on the Download folder on your PC.

Download Instagram Video on Android

Google PlayStore is loaded with an abundance of Instagram video download app. Try using the keyword of “download Instagram videos” and find one with positive reviews and top-rate. One of the most recommended ones is Video Downloader for Instagram, which lets you download videos and save it in your gallery.

If you have installed the ig tools download on your Android phone, then do these steps as follows.

Open your Instagram and find the video you desired.

Click the three dots on the right top corner and tap “Copy Link.”

Open Video Downloader for Instagram and paste the URL.

Click download and find the video on your gallery under a newly created folder named InstaDownload.

Download Instagram Video on iPhone

You do need a third-party app to perform such function. One of the most recommended is IGSave that allows you how to download Instagram videos on iPhone in these simple steps.

Open the downloader app and fill in your IG username and password.

Find the account and video you want within the app.

Click the video and click “Save to Gallery” to download it.

Your video is now ready on your camera roll.

While saving a video may enable you to watch it offline anytime you want, you need to remember that you shouldn’t upload it anywhere. It’s not ethical regarding copyright issues. Hopefully, this article solves your problem on how to download Instagram video.


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