Learn How to Download Instagram Photo in No-Hassle

Description: Instagram puts a strict policy regarding the copyrights of the photos in the app. However, there's a trick on how to download Instagram photo in your devices.


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Instagram is your go-to platform when it comes to sharing the best pictures you have from your latest trip. As you’re scrolling down the app, you will most likely find many other interesting pictures that you wish to save. No need to worry; here, you can figure out how to download Instagram photo you desire. 

Whether you have known it already or not, there’s no native app to save Instagram photos. Actually, this is an excellent policy since none have the right to steal any picture and use it outside of permission. However, if you desperately need to save and enjoy it offline, surely there’s a way to do that.

Using Copy URL

You may be aware that there is much third-party software that enables you to download multiple Instagram photos in a few clicks. However, most of it comes with disrupting ads. Not necessarily those apps are risky, but use them as the latest options and try the ordinary copy URL instead.

Yes, this copy URL thing is a typical feature that enables you to save the Instagram photo in no-hassle through these steps.

Open the Instagram app on your mobile phone.

Go to the photo that you desire.

Tap the three-dot on the top right corner of the picture.

Tap “Copy Link.”

Open a browser then opt for “Paste and Go.”

Press a photo a bit then select “Copy.”

Open a Note app on your phone. Press and hold a blank page then select “Paste.”

 Tap the share menu and save it to your gallery.

Using Page Source

If you’re not used to a little bit coding, this trick may be intimidating. However, it’s worth trying, and you may be thankful later. The steps on how to download Instagram photos on pc are as follows.

Open the Instagram web using your desktop.

Go to the photo you want to download and click the three-dot in the lower part of it.

Choose “Go to Post.”

Right-click the post and choose “View Page Source.”

You’ll see a tab with codes, then press Ctrl + F and enter .jpg in the search box.

Highlight the first link and copy it.

Open your browser then paste.

Your photo will appear in the browser, and you can instantly save it by right-click.

Using Website

Finally, you can always rely on a downloader website that doesn’t require you to install an additional Instagram photo downloader app. Despite the many options you have, you can choose one of the less-risky ones, Downloadgram. Here are the steps.

Go to the photo you want to save and tap the three-dot icon and tap “Copy Link.”

Open downloadgram.com on your browser. Downloadgram safe and free.

Paste the link on the empty bar then click Download.

Your photo will appear then click the Download button once more.

You can access your photo on your download folder.

While now you have figured out an easy way on how to download Instagram photo, you may need to be very wise in using it. Only repost if you’re the owner of those photos. Otherwise, you may just admire it offline, now and then.


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