The stages of forming customer experience

According to Mullins et al. (2008), the process of forming consumer experience is divided into six stages, namely:

1. Customer insight; prospective consumers provide information about their needs / wants to the product provider / seller (producer / seller). Customer insight causes providers to develop products or services that aim to meet those needs.

2. Product promotion and brand building; after the provider makes a product that suits the needs / desires of potential customers, the provider conducts activities aimed at informing information and encouraging potential customers to buy the product.

3. Transaction; the process of prospective consumers turning into consumers.

4. Product delivery; there is an exchange process, products / services from providers to consumers and payments from consumers to providers / sellers.

5. Customer support and service; The seller provides further services, especially when the flow of information about the product is needed between consumers to the seller or vice versa.

6. Product return / disposal; when the product consumption process is complete.

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