Seasonal Marketing: Wonderful Indonesia tourism program

Seasonal marketing is a strategy that utilizes special moments where consumer spending is extremely high. It also includes the ministry of tourism through the "Wonderfull Indonesia" program that always utilizes cultural events and important events in Indonesia to market tourism programs to local and foreign tourists.

      The rotation of the rupiah and even foreign currencies in large amounts occurs at these special moments. Therefore the ministry of tourism always utilizes momentum, otherwise the target of tourist visits will not be achieved.

   Each tourist attraction usually has a cycle of ups and downs of tourist visits throughout the year. There is a tourist visit to reach the highest point or vice versa bottom. Changes in behavior in certain seasons is the observation in the marketing world so that the term seasonal marketing arises.

   Talking about seasonal, of course we don't only talk about the Lebaran or Christmas season. There are school holidays, world cup seasons to natural events such as total solar eclipses.

     Tourists do have unique behaviors. They can have behaviors that are far from their habits. The Ministry of tourism sees it as a golden opportunity to get more tourist visits.

   The Ministry of Tourism understands seasonal marketing well. The Ministry of Tourism knows when the timing is good for running seasonal marketing and how to execute the right strategy.

       In certain festive seasons, tourists tend to spend more money. Most purchases are in the form of tourism products, accommodation, transportation. What also distinguishes between seasonal marketing and other marketing styles is that time is so narrow. tourists feel urgent to buy in a short time.

   Tourists are usually moved emotionally to buy tourism products. Therefore unusual tourist products, other packaging than usual to unusual campaigns are also worth running at that time.

  In the case of PRODUCTS, what is done by the ministry of tourism is careful planning. Especially the calculations between demand and capacity owned.

  Another product strategy is to add special benefits or short-term values. Not only packaging, but also other forms. It also includes creating special packages. The existence of benefits or added value such as managed to arouse high emotions and also the satisfaction of tourist visits.

    As for the PRICE, there are several options that can be run, raising prices or lowering prices. Regarding seasonal tourism products whose supply is lower because it only occurs occasionally, the tourism industry players tend to increase their selling prices by increasing profit margins.

  DISTRIBUTION factor. The level of availability of tourism programs is also well managed, the way is to coordinate all elements and tourism actors both transportation, accommodation and other supporting sectors so that they can support each other in utilizing seasonal tourism.

  In the seasonal marketing carried out by the ministry of tourism, a thematic CAMPAIGN is definitely an effective way of promoting. Included in this is, the theme taken was made different compared to other countries that also have tourism programs.

      The combination of below the line and above the line run by the Ministry of Tourism looks mutually reinforcing. The purpose of this campaign is to get closer to tourists where the emotional feeling of tourists is the main point Touches like this in my opinion are effective for building tourist loyalty to visit Indonesia.

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