Relationship between Customer Relationship Marketing and Customer Loyalty

Customer relationship marketing can be interpreted simply as how to treat different customers differently, namely remembering them individually, interacting with them, and making products and providing services based on individual customer needs.

To be able to deal with different customers differently, companies need to do what is called learning relationships. When customers and companies are involved in learning relationships, through each interaction and customization customers will feel more comfortable interacting with the company, and this will result in customer loyalty to a brand. Although competitors offer the same form of interaction and customization, customers will not be tempted to switch to competitors, because they are not sure they will get the same level of comfort as previously obtained (Peppers et al. 1999, pp. 3-5).

It can also be explained, that the basis of loyalty is the effort to maintain and increase customer satisfaction. For this the company needs to add value to the products the company offers to customers. What is meant by value here is what customers get from what they give when interacting with the company (Barnes, 2001, p. 33).

By implementing customer relationship marketing, the company can make customers become loyal, which is done in stages starting with the most basic level of the process of creating customer loyalty, namely: providing more value than what can be purchased even more than what is expected by the customer so that customers become satisfied.

By increasing customer satisfaction and always maintaining that satisfaction, it will have an impact on increasing customer loyalty

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