Comparison between and AWStats application

1. The data displayed is not real, because it is an aggregate result of 3 months.

AWStats: Realtime data, because the data displayed is monthly data (monthly traffic) not aggregate results from several months Data is taken from applications installed on the client (Alexa tollbar)

AWStats: Data is taken from traffic through a web server not based on plug-ins installed on the client To be able to generate data, the user must download the Alexa tollbar

AWStats: To generate data, the Awstats application is simply placed on the web server

4. Alexa tollbar is only available on Firefox and IE browser.

AWStats supports all types of browsers

5. The way Alexa works is based on the user's traffic record. Only from people who installed the Alexa tollbar, obtained traffic ranking data not exact data on the actual number of web site visitors

The way AWStats works is based on traffic data contained on Squid or the web server

6.Alexa: Subdomains are not ranked separately as well as sub. Total traffic is calculated only for top-level domains.

AWStats counts both the subdomain and domain of a website

7. Alexa: Many ways to improve rankings include installing the alexa toolbar, alexa widget, alexa redirect

AWStats Data on the amount of traffic generated cannot be engineered. Because it is the result of processing the traffic that goes to the web server

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