Market need streaming multimedia services

The use of multimedia media as a medium for conveying information has a higher level of effectiveness compared to media that can only convey information by being portrayed, heard or seen. This is proven by research conducted by Treichler (1967) which proves that media that convey information by being heard and viewed (Multimedia) have a greater percentage of facts that can be remembered by the audience (50%). This happens, because the information conveyed by being heard and seen can stimulate the senses of sight and hearing simultaneously, so as to accelerate and simplify the process of understanding the audience of the information conveyed. As a result the audience can understand information correctly and store that information in long-term memory.

With the facts above, then the multimedia streaming media services have great potential to be used as a medium to convey information effectively and broadly.

Streaming multimedia media from year to year increasingly shows encouraging growth. This proves that this media is increasingly gaining a place in the hearts of business people. Each year the average growth is 28%, the value of revenue starts from $ 5,220 billion in 2008 to $ 17,819 billion in 2013.

                      Sumber: Insight Research Corporation, Maret  2008

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