Sales organization Yahoo Vs Google

1. Background

This paper will focus on a discussion of online advertising service sales strategies. To be able to get the two portals analyzed in this paper are portals that are already known as big players in the online advertising business. The two portals are and

2. Business Portal

Portal can be defined as an internet-based online service that provides a variety of integrated facilities so that it can be analogous to a "portal" that shows the entrance for all our needs. A portal in the internet world represents a very interesting web site (with content support) so that when someone opens his browser, the potential page to open is the portal

There are two kinds of approaches that can be done in making a portal. The first approach is horizontally. This approach tries to attract as many web portal guides as possible without looking at the visitor segment. Visitors are interested in visiting a portal of this type because of the common similar needs that can be obtained from the portal. Some portals that make a horizontal approach are, and Another approach is vertically. Portals that are built with a vertical approach usually provide information aimed at specific segments. The topics presented are limited to certain things, for example about finance, about health, education and others.

3. and profiles is a horizontal portal, so the community is heterogeneous. This means that the user community consists of a wide variety of interests and interests. Because the community is heterogeneous and has been very well known by users around the world, is accessed by many users. This is evidenced from the traffic rank which ranks first in the 500 top site ranks in the world. (, 19 December 2007) is a vertical portal. user community has the same interests and interests, namely searching for information through search engines. Due to the complete information reference, this portal is pretty much requested by users in the world. This is evidenced by the position of which ranks second in the 500 top site rank in the world. (, 19 December 2007)

4. Comparison of sales strategies between and and implement different strategies. The use of this strategy certainly has different consequences. For more details, the following outlines a comparison of sales strategies for online advertising services carried out by and

Comparison of online sales strategies

Advertisement and
Sales Team Type
Online dan Direct Sales team
Online dan Direct Sales team
Support team
Number of segment
Sales Office
Country Rep Office
Sales force structure
Berdasarkan geografis
Berdasarkan segment/pasar
Segmentation Type
Geographic segmentation
Demographic Segmentation 
Sales Force Status
Direct (Company) sales force
Direct (Company) sales force
Marketing support
-online and offline advertising (TV, Radio, print-ad, Outdoor)
-Global online network
-Distribution partnership
-Public relation
-Global online network
-Distribution partnership
(Reference: Annual Report Document of dan 31 Desember 2006) Sales Team
• The sales team from consists of:
1. Direct advertising sales team
2. Online Channel

3. Telemarketing channel
• The following describes the tasks of each team:

1. Direct Sales Team
The tasks of this team are:
- Selling marketing solution services to leading advertising agency companies in the United States

2. Online channel
The tasks of this team are:
- Functioning as a self-service program, through which this advertiser can place targeted text based links on the website or other affiliate web sites.

3. Telemarketing channel
The tasks of this team are:
- Specialised in selling marketing solution services to small and medium sized Sales Team
• The sales team from consists of:
1. Direct advertising sales Team
2. Direct Sales forces

3. Global Support Organization
• The following describes the tasks of each team:

1. Direct Sales Team
The tasks of this team are:
- Looking for potential customers (have a large promotional budget)
- Support promotional activities undertaken by these customers.

2. Direct Sales Force
The tasks of this team are:
- Building and maintaining relationships with the world's leading internet service providers that have used Google Ad Sense promotional media.

3. Global Support Organisation
The tasks of this team are:

- Build and maintain a relationship (Relationship) with advertisers (Advertisers) and members of the Google network

Comparison Table of Sales Organisation Forms

Geographic Based
Product Based
Market Based


  •  Simple form of organisation
  •  Proximity to customers
  •  Low travel costs

  •    Higher sales due to greater product knowledge
  •   Put more emphasis on product benefits rather than prices
  •   More customer oriented
  •   Can collect information about customers better

  • Lack of product sales coverage
  • Suboptimal customer service

  •     High training costs
  •     Lower visit rates
  •    Users can be visited by staff from different products from the same company.

  •     High training costs
  •     Prone to lack of sales force
  •      Costs for developing markets are quite high

5. Determination of the form of sales organization

a. manages its online advertising business geographically because wants to customize the services provided according to the needs and desires of customers geographically. Therefore provides services in 20 languages ​​and provides a local version of Yahoo website. In addition, Yahoo also established branch offices in many countries with the aim to accommodate and support the development of advertisng online businesses in the country.

With the geographical sales structure can better understand the needs and desires of customers in a country or region.

b. manages its online advertising business based on the segment or market it serves. This strategy was taken because because by targeting specific segments, can collect information about customers in a segment in a better and more detailed manner.

With the form of organization arranged according to the segment or market served, can be better and more detailed in understanding the needs of the segment so that it is more responsive to the needs of the segment.

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