What's with 5G technology

Eits don't be mistaken between the 5G technology that will be discussed with the graphitization style experienced by the pilot aka G Force, the 5 G technology that will be discussed is related to communication technology.

5G or Fifth Generation (fifth generation) is a term used to refer to the fifth generation as the next phase of cellular telecommunications standards over 4G standards. This fifth generation technology is planned to be officially released for the cellular operating system in 2020

Advantages or Pro 5G technology compared to previous technology, although 5G technology can not be ascertained what kind of advantages and disadvantages because now it is still a concept. But from the concepts created, there are several concepts that are the main objectives of 5G technology, namely:

1) Data speeds that are more significant than 4G.

2) Have data transfer from one phone to another with a speed of one milli second.

3) Can be connected with devices such as telephones, cars, and household appliances.

4) 5G technology is predicted to have a speed of around 800Gbps, or one hundred times faster than the speed of the previous generation.

The negative effects are roughly as follows:

1) With 5G, the addition of more cells will cause the spectrum to be fuller than before. Although 5G will dramatically increase the speed at which the internet will function, the pressure that will be placed on the overall spectrum can cause more problems than anticipated.

2) The problem that needs to be anticipated is the compatibility of your cell phone with 5G technology. Sure, smartphone technology can make sure their flagship device is compatible with 5G wireless and new frequencies, but what about other devices? Some people might find themselves switching, only to realize with horror that their smartphone ends with 4G.

3) Even if your phone is compatible, other things you might want to consider are the processing power and battery life of your device. With fast data processing and downloading, it will definitely speed up your device's battery consumption. "More Productivity Need Bigger Power Consumption"

Use cases or the use of 5G technology are as follows:

1) 3D
One of the benefits of 5G technology is the use of 3D. The business implications for 3D are huge. In the near future business meetings will be held in 3D, enabling more meaningful models, use of CADm drawings and more "more lively" presentations.

The use of holograms is intended to make illustrations that prove how a product can work. 3D will become a new world.

2) Enhanced Video
One of the benefits of 5G technology is the use of Enhanced Video. Enables businesses to have high resolution video access with low latency. Although it has major implications in everything (video games to marketing), the biggest impact will occur in recruitment.

Companies can utilize videos to recruit talent, enhanced videos will allow companies to expand their reach to recruit and promote their companies with faster processes.

3) Smarter Homes and Citie
Another benefit of 5G technology is smarter homes and cities technology. 5G will bring IoT into home and business devices such as better security, lighting and audio and lower operating costs. Companies that take advantage of this will develop quickly.

4. Connectivity for Customers
Another benefit of 5G technology is Connectivity for Customers. According to The International Journal of ICT Economy, Governance and Society, 5G will provide connectivity to 90 percent of the world's total population in 2027. Companies that offer payment systems, health and business services to the 'third world' will have access to new markets and customer.

5) Autonomous Vehicles
One of the benefits of 5G technology is Autonomous Vehicles. Autonomous vehicles were in the spotlight some time ago because they were deemed unreliable after an accident. To support millions of autonomous vehicles, roads would require a more reliable network.

5G will allow autonomous vehicles to be able to detect danger better, communicate with other vehicles, interact with smart signboards and follow maps more precisely. There is a direct and linear relationship between the installation of 5G and the adoption of the autonomous car market.

Commercial applications of autonomous vehicles will be substantial, cutting labor and reducing delivery time in the supply chain.

4) Manufactur 4.0
The industrial estate is also one of the supporters of the implementation of Industry 4.0 which is a government program.

https://www.knic.co.id/id/ Benefit-teknologi-5g-bagi-industri


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