Umbul Ponggok, Underwater Photo Spot You Must Try

Photos on the mountain or beach may be normal, but what about photos under water? Curious how the sensation of underwater photos? Try to come to Umbul Ponggok in Klaten. Here, you can get beautiful instagrammable photos. When else can photos underwater-style without having to come to the sea for diving or snorkeling?
From the name, you can certainly know that the pennant is not the ocean. Umbul itself means a pool whose springs come from nature. This is what makes the water feel fresh and keeps you long for long here. From the history of this Ponggok Umbul itself, it was only used for daily activities with the surrounding community. Well, only 8 years has been managed to become a popular tourist spot lately.
Underwater Photography is Out of the Box
There are many activities you can do here. Starting from swimming with fish to diving and snorkeling. For those who like to take photos, surely it would not be complete vacation, if not the photos. To make your photos more interesting, there are also properties and photographers that can be rented. The properties provided by Umbul Ponggok tour packages are truly diverse.
You can choose what kind of photo concept you want to make. Well, the choices are pretty much you know, not just 1 or 2 concepts. Interestingly, there are concepts out of the box that make photos really like abroad. Do not believe? You can search for some photos from the official website of the Ponggok manager. There, there are lots of beautiful underwater photo ideas.
Pennant that has existed since the Dutch era, has a depth of 1.5 to 2.6 meters. The size itself is around 25 x 50 meters. For visitors who come with children, should be supervised well. Especially when there are lots of visitors, the problem is really crowded.
Entrance Ticket and Tariff for Ponggok Bulbul
Interested in visiting here, check first this 2019 Ponggok Umbul ticket.

Entrance ticket
Parking Prices
Motorbike: Rp. 2,000 / motorcycle
Cars Rp 4,000 / car

Entrance ticket
IDR 15,000 / person

Rinse Room: Rp. 1,000 / person

Rent Buoy: IDR 7,000 / Buoy

Underwater Camera Rentals:
30 minutes: IDR 60,000 / half hour
1 Hour: IDR 100,000 / hour a maximum of 7 people

Rental of buoy tires: IDR 5,000

Rental Property Photo: IDR 30,000 - IDR 150,000 / Property

Rental Diving Equipment
Frog legs: IDR 7,000 / frog legs
Snorkel: IDR 13,000 / snorkel

Umbul Ponggok location
Interested in getting beautiful photos here? For those of you who want to capture images of Umbul Ponggok, you can come directly. The location is on Jl. Delanggu- Polanharjo No.Ds, Jeblogan, Ponggok, Kec. Polanharjo, Klaten Regency, Central Java. How easy it is to get here, because there are many guides available.

From Umbul Ponggok, you can also visit Umbul Manten which is not so far away. Both are from natural springs, but their beauty is different. The rides that are provided by the management are also very mandatory to be tested.

In 2017, Ponggok successfully received an award from the government. We through BUMdes Tirta Mandiri really intensively introduce this tourist spot. Just imagine, every RT and RW is taught to use social media to promote Ponggok. We also introduce Ponggok through the website and some travel-specific Instagram accounts. You can also contact us at 0823-1438-8880.

Well, that's a tourist attraction that hits again in Klaten. If you are interested in great underwater photography, here is the place. The place is guaranteed okay and you don't need to pay a fortune. Calculations before trying diving in Bunaken or other beautiful underwater, Umbul Ponggok can be tried well. Come busy with family or friends will still make you feel at home here long.

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