Advances in Visual Technology Through Holograms

Seeing the growth of the internet, technology and digital world there is no end to it. More and more creative ideas have arisen that are being explored by technology development experts and are increasingly advancing to facilitate human tasks.

One of the concerns of many people is the Hologram, sophisticated technology that can spoil the human eye is widely adapted in various aspects. This of course can be used positively by certain parties to support their activities.

What is a hologram?

Holograms are a product of a science called holography. Holographic technology is formed from the coherent combination of two rays of light in microscopic form. The hologram functions as an optical information repository which then forms a particular image in a real way.

The hologram technology was first discovered by a physicist named Dennis Gabor, in 1900. This innovative discovery succeeded in winning him a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1971.

Pros and cons of the development of the world of Holography

The sophistication of the hologram was not easily accepted in the community. Until now there are still many pros and cons about the advantages and disadvantages of holograms that are still being debated. For more details, let us consider the following explanation.

The advantages of Hologram technology

Holograms overcome the constraints of long distance communication because they can take place indefinitely and efficiently

Helping electronic-based mass media in conveying information

A more attractive display compared to teleconferencing and video conferencing because a 3D display that looks real makes communication come alive.

Lack of Hologram technology

Holographic technology that uses a lenticular lens that provides a different look on the right and left eye can directly cause health problems such as nausea, eye pain, dizziness and risk of pregnancy problems for pregnant women. This was stated through a survey by Hudson Square Research in June 2010.

The ease in the field of technology makes people increasingly lazy to move and socialise, as a result someone tends to be individualistic.

Examples of implementation of the use of Holograms

Holographic innovations that are very visually appealing make some people use them to be applied in several aspects. The following are examples of activities that involve sophisticated holograms in their implementation.

1. Conceived a concept in a music concert

The concept of a music concert with a holographic theme is now widely used. One of them in Japan, in the Vocaloid software concert developed by Crypton Future Media and Yamaha succeeded in drawing the attention of Japanese citizens because of its visual beauty. The concert succeeded in displaying an animation in the form of 3D multimedia that can sing and dance on the stage like other artists.

2. Making 3D Mockups for the property business

Holograms are also used to make a house picture of a property company. With this 3D hologram concept, the company can provide a comprehensive picture of the houses they will offer to buyers. Starting from the color of the house, the shape and details of each corner of the house are also represented by the existence of the 3D hologram.

3. Art installation

Art does not escape from the innovation of the holographic world. Holographic art has been widely adapted in several countries, usually holographic art is placed in museums or art galleries, to give the impression of life on an object or work of art that can attract visitors.

4. Holography in the world of education

According to Heinich, Moela and Russel (1982) in his book entitled "Instructional Media and The New Technologies of Instructions" an effective learning method is to use multimedia technology through the creation of a holographic model. This method adapts active learning methods that attract attention visually.

Well, what has been said above is an explanation of everything related to the digital world and holographic technology. Hopefully in the future holographic technology can continue to develop to support progress in all fields such as the world of business, arts, health, education and so forth.

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