YellowPages Indonesia The Best Digital Solution Advertising is the most complete business directory that has been trusted by hundreds of thousands of businesses spread throughout Indonesia. Previously YellowPages was very well known by the public with the term "Yellow Book" which became the main reference for the addresses and telephone numbers of businesses in Indonesia. YellowPages has hundreds of thousands of teams spread throughout Indonesia and is tasked with validating the database. Now, YellowPages comes in digital form. This website has 700 thousand databases with 3,000 business classifications that are always updated regularly, and are equipped with location maps to facilitate searching. 

PT Metra Digital Media (MD Media) is a member of Telkom Group which is a subsidiary of PT Telkom Metra which focuses on the Information, Media and Edutainment (IME) business. MD Media was officially established on May 1, 2013 to develop the Media and Advertising business portfolio which had previously been built during the merger with another Telkom subsidiary, PT Infomedia Nusantara. 

MD Media has a legacy business that has been built for 30 years in the directory and media business. Through optimal directory data management over the years it has become a force as well as an initial capital to enter the digital media business in addition to various development efforts that are always carried out to maintain the quality of service and to be at the forefront in its class.

Digital solutions owned by Yellowpages Indonesia are as follows 

Yellowpages Mobile Advertising (Digital Marketing via SMS) 

Targeted SMS is the first promotional service in Indonesia that can determine SMS recipients according to the target determined based on location, provider and interests. 

You only need to enter your campaign data which will be followed by determining the operator, interests, and contents of your SMS and set the number of SMS according to your budget. 

Because targeted SMS is aimed only at potential customers who have an interest in your product, targeted SMS is very effective for the promotion of your product. 

When viewed from the Open Rate, targeted SMS has an open rate above 90% far greater than e-mail, so SMS is much more effective. 

Targeted SMS to potential customer users who are interested in your product, so it is very effective to make promos for your product. 

Yellowpages Digital Directory (Listing Ads 

Why Choose Sponsored Business & Listing? Reach Customers and Increase Your Business Visitors with a promotion at the strategic place. 

Yellowpages Social Advertising (Campaign via Social Advertising) 

Displaying your products and services on Google Adwords through Yellow Pages is very easy and practical. Businesses and SMEs registered in the Yellow Pages don't need to understand complicated online marketing. 

Yellowages will help determine the appropriate keywords for your product. 

Digital Yellowpages Out Off Home DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) 

DOOH is a digital media for advertising in public spaces. Through DOOH, your business will get high exposure from your target customers. MDMedia through the YellowPages Online platform serves orders at more than 30 DOOH points throughout Indonesia. 

What are the advantages DOOH Display content digitally and can be done automatically when compared to conventional billboards. 

Yellowpages Digital Solution Marketing 

Grow Your Business in the Digital Age with Our Sophisticated Online Marketing Solutions !. provides various Digital Marketing products that you can adjust to your business needs. Get Digital Solutions that suit your business through Digital Marketing Yellowpages from Free Listings, SMS Ads, Social Ads to Custom Solutions.

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