The 5 Best Franchise Opportunities to Buy in 2020

Description: There are a lot of opportunities offered by the franchise business for you. This business covers various industries that you can choose to invest in. 
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Have you ever wondered why McDonald’s and 7-Eleven are all over the place? The reason behind this is that they both are part of the franchise business. If you have sufficient funds to buy a license, you can enjoy franchise opportunities offered by this type of business. 

You must do research on which franchise is best suited for your circumstances before looking at the opportunities of owning a franchise. You must consider your skills and available fund. This article provides recommendations on the 5 best franchise opportunities in 2020. 

1. Dunkin' Donuts 

As one of the most distinguishable companies worldwide, Dunkin' Donuts has succeeded to sell both its brand name and products. This chain is well-known because of its coffee beans and various types of donuts. It also offers high franchise opportunities for those of you who want to start entrepreneurship. 

To open this franchise, you are required to pay royalty and initial fees around US$ 216,000 to US$ 1,500,000. The fee is different based on your region and location. 

2. 7-Eleven 

As one of the most popular convenience store chains around the globe, 7-eleven offers you the best franchise business opportunities. With more than 53,000 stores open globally, it has millions of loyal customers. 

If you are interested in buying this franchise, you must prepare the initial investment of around US$ 37,200 to US$ 1,600,000. With this amount of money, it offers unique sale methods. 

Different from other franchises, you just need to pay the royalty fee depending on your store's gross profit. 

3. McDonald's This fast-food chain is one of the world-renowned companies that have more than 29,500 stores around the world. It has great management teams that provide assistance and training to their franchisees on a regular basis. The extensive support for years successfully created a whole-world dynasty. 

If you want to be a part of it, you need to make the initial payment approximately US$ 1,000,000 to US$ 2,100,000. 

4. Anytime Fitness 

This is one of the best franchises with the highest profit in the health and fitness industry. Currently, this franchise has more than 2 million members within 2,885 sites all over the world. It allows customers to have 24 hours of access to the gym equipped by a great security system. 

To own this franchise, you must pay the fee approximately US$ 78,700 to US$ 371,000. According to its website, this franchise can offer you financial stability and growth rate. 

5. KFC 

Same as McDonald's, this fast-food chain is also part of top leading franchises worldwide. This chain actively expands its menus and adaptively adjusts them to local taste buds. So no wonder if you visit KFC in some countries, they provide different sets of the menu. 

To open a store of this chain, you must make the payment of around US$ 1,300,000 to US$ 2,500,000. 

The best franchise opportunities are not limited to these 5 chains. You can still find which franchises are best suited to your skills and available budget. Make sure you do some research before deciding to buy a certain franchise.

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