Indonesia Travel Guide, Learn the Most Essential Here

Description: Indonesia is one of the most amazing tourist destinations in the world. Knows the important Indonesia travel guide and plan ahead your itinerary before you go. 

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Indonesia is well-known as the largest archipelago in the world and home to hundreds of ethnicity, making it an attractive tourism destination. If you're planning to spend your next backpacking in Indonesia, make sure that you find a reliable Indonesia travel guide. To sum it up, the information below may help you. 

Best Time to Visit 

As a tropical country with monsoon seasons, you can really just discover your Indonesia anytime you like. You need to know that January to February may be the wettest months, and you need to prepare yourself with raincoats and dry bags. 

If you want to avoid the long queue in immigration and other unnecessary stressful crowds, you should be avoiding the peak seasons. Usually, it comes from June to September and also by the end of December. 

With the average daily temperature around 80⁰ F, don't forget to pack up your summer clothes and swimsuit. This can never go wrong as you may stumble around the most breathtaking beaches and islands during your trip. 

Immigration and Transportation 

If you're about to visit Indonesia in 30 days or less, you don't need to apply for a visa. However, please be sure that your passport is valid 6 months beyond your date of arrival. If you want to extend your stay, you can run to Singapore for a renewal. 

When it comes to beginners' guide to Indonesia, it's better to manage your expectation on the transport. There's a massive gap between transportation in big cities and remote areas. Also, many areas may not be well-connected that you need to prepare for long transits. 

You can use its MRT, Transjakarta, or commuter line if you visit Jakarta and stroll the metro city. For a shorter trip, you can just order app-based taxi like Grab or Gojek. They are convenient, affordable, and you can get straight to your destination. Furthermore, you can use a train or bus to travel across cities in Java.

If you want to go across the archipelago and mesmerize the geography of Indonesia, you can take a domestic flight or sail with the Pelni boat. For your safety, please bring your own life jacket and ensure that you have travel insurance. 

Accommodation and Budget 

When it comes to living expenses, Indonesia is one of the cheapest countries. If you're okay with sleeping in a dormitory bed or capsule hotel, you can get it with only $5 - $8 per night. A budget hotel with a single bed usually starts at $21. 

Indonesia is famous for its street foods like nasi goreng (fried rice) and gado-gado (vegetable salad), which on average, costs less than $2 per portion. However, please be prepared with cash, as most vendors don't accept virtual payment and credit cards. 

Things to See 

There are endless attractions in Indonesia, and really it can take a lot of time to explore your Indonesia travel itinerary. 
However, you should make time to visit the paradise islands of Raja Ampat in Papua. Also, stop by at the Komodo National Park, where you can look at the prehistoric lizard a little bit closer. 

You can also visit Prambanan Temples in Yogyakarta and the majestic Borobudur in Central Java if you love to see the cultural heritage. 

Visiting Indonesia may be one of the most unforgettable experiences if you know the best spots to go. Hopefully, this brief Indonesia travel guide will give you a little insight before you begin your journey.

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