Top 5 Best Tourist Attractions in London

 Description: The city of London is one of the main tourist destinations in the world. Its best tourist attractions cover many historical sites.



Tourist attractions in London include historical sites, art museums and theaters, and scenic views of the River Thames that could take your breath away. It offers you multicultural and lively experiences during your trip. This city welcomes more than 20 million tourists every year. 

Since London has a lot of places to visit, you might feel puzzled at some points. This article compiles 5 Best Tourist Attractions in London so you won't feel lost. Here is the list:

1. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is one of the top tourist attractions in London that you don't want to miss. Its unique architecture design can mesmerize anyone who sees it. This is the palace where the royal family resides in London.

If you want to explore this palace, make sure you look at the information on whether the queen is at home or not. If she visits her resident in Scotland, you can buy tickets and take a look at some rooms that are open to the public. Anyhow, the perfect time to visit this place is during the ceremony of changing of the guards. 

2. Big Ben and Parliament

The next London's must-see place is the iconic and tall Big Ben. Big Ben has become an ultimate landmark to see and a time signal for Londoners. Unfortunately, right now Big Ben is still under repair and will be scaffolded until 2021.

Below this giant tower, you can find the houses of parliament which have been the central government of Britain for centuries. The administrator of this place offers a tour for those of you who want to witness live political debates and discussions.

3. Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square was built initially as a public cultural space in 1812 connecting Charing Cross and Portland Place. In 1830, this site was renamed as Trafalgar Square to memorialize the victory of Horatio Nelson in the Battle of Trafalgar over France and Spanish.

Now, this square is surrounded by various art museums, theaters, historical sites, and cultural spaces. When you visit London, you don't want to miss the vibrant ambiance offered by this place.

4. Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is one of the first-rated attractions in London you don't want to skip during your trip. This great gothic church has witnessed various royal activities such as royal enthronement, wedding, and interment. This magnificent place accepts over one million visitors from around the world every single year.

If you want to explore this iconic building, you can buy an entry ticket costing £22. 

5. The London Eye

This giant Ferris wheel is one of the must-visit places in London. It is the second tallest observation wheel in the world with 32 hi-tech capsules. In one rotation, it takes around 30 minutes so you can enjoy London's breathtaking views. The capsules are also featured with interactive guides about popular landmarks in London.

Since this place is popular among tourists, make sure you have already booked a ticket before hop on. 

There are still many tourist attractions in London that you can enjoy. If you love shopping, you can stroll around SOHO. But if you love chilling out and enjoying green spaces, you can just relax at Hyde Park.

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