5 Email Marketing Automation Tools for a Successful Marketing Strategy

5 Email Marketing Automation Tools for a Successful Marketing Strategy

The use of email marketing automation is a very important marketing strategy. To do this to its full potential, you need the right tools.

Email Marketing Automation for a Marketing Strategy

5 Email Marketing Automation Tools for a Successful Marketing Strategy

Want to know what tools you can use to automate email marketing?

We've put together a few alternatives that you might consider if you're interested in trying out.

See below to find out more about marketing automation tools.

1. Marketo

Marketo is one of the most widely used marketing automation tools by professionals.

This fully featured tool makes it easy for marketers to set up email marketing campaigns.

In addition, Marketo can also be used by the sales team. If you are a beginner, this tool is quite easy to understand.

If you want to use a tool that offers more than basic features, Marketo is a great tool.

According to CMS Wire, the monthly subscription fee for this tool is US $ 3,195

2. Constant Contact

According to Email Tool Testers, Constant Contact has been launching since 1995.

For more than two decades of existence, this tool has been one of the most widely used email marketing tools in the world.

Constant Contact is an email marketing automation tool for small business owners looking to give email marketing a try.

This tool is quite simple, so its features are not as complete as Marketo.

For beginners, Constant Contact is a great choice. This is especially true for business startups who don't have email marketing or other technical basics.

However, as the larger business grows, better email marketing automation tools will be needed.

3. ExactTarget

ExactTarget is an email marketing tool with systems that can be used for multiple channels at once.

This email marketing automation tool not only focuses on email, but also has features for creating smartphone app notifications and composing messages for other platforms.

ExactTarget is a great tool for B2B companies.

With its large capacity, you can handle multiple channels at once without a problem and expand your market reach to more people.

4. Eloqua

Eloqua is another email marketing automation tool that's also quite popular in the marketing field.

This tool is more suitable for use by professionals in large companies.

If you're just starting out with email marketing and email automation as a small to mid-sized company, consider using simpler tools.

Eloqua is more suitable for companies that focus on the integration of CRM and other third-party services.

5. Customer.io

Want a flexible marketing automation tool? Customer.io is the tool you've been looking for.

Customer.io can be tailored to suit your needs. The interface of the tool is also light and fast.

In addition, you can easily connect with customer service who are ready to help when there is a problem.

Customer.io is an email marketing automation tool designed to send emails based on an event or incident.

It differs from other tools that do this based on page views.

You can get this tool for 75 US dollars per month

However, you can still use it with limited features for free.

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Here are 5 alternative email marketing automation tools you can consider trying out.

As a beginner, you may be able to use an inexpensive or free tool.

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