Business for Young People, With Ease and Small Capital 2021

Business for Young, Easy, and Small Capital 2021

There is nothing wrong with thinking about running a business even though you are still young. Because no one knows exactly what your future will be like.

By running a business at a young age, you will practically have a lot of savings. Apart from money, you also have savings in the form of knowledge.

Business Ideas For Young People

Talking about business opportunities, of course there are lots of opportunities available. But there are not so many businesses that are really suitable for young people. Moreover, those that only require relatively small capital.

5 Trending Businesses for Young People with Small Capital

The following are some trending business ideas that are suitable for young people with little capital and rarely fail.

1. Youtuber

Business for Young, Easy, and Small Capital 2021

Who doesn't currently know Youtube? Because of its popularity, almost every young person today has access to Youtube at least once a month.

Youtube is a site that not only allows users to watch video content, but anyone can have the opportunity to create video content and download it to Youtube.

Interestingly, content owners who meet the requirements can register for Google Adsense Youtube to get advertisements that can later generate dollars.

Don't ask about income. The owners of big channels with best-selling videos can even pocket billions of rupiah in cash. This is why Youtube is currently very popular as a trendy and profitable business for young people, regardless of their profession and education level.

2. Become a TikTok celebrity

Business for Young, Easy, and Small Capital 2021

Apart from Youtube, TikTok is also one of the mobile applications with a fantastic number of active users.

You can share any content through TikTok, ranging from vlogs, funny videos, tutorials, film scenes, reviews, and so on.

Apart from being entertainment, it turns out that TikTok can also make a lot of money for you. There are many ways to get money from TikTok that you can choose according to your wishes and time availability.

But certainly, being a TikTok celebrity can be a very promising business for young people today.

3. Online Shop Business

Business for Young, Easy, and Small Capital 2021

Thanks to advances and developments in technology today, online shopping is not something new anymore. We can easily search for various items of necessity by accessing various online selling applications on HP.

Not only that, for those who want to trade but don't have capital, you can just open an online shop without requiring a physical store at all.

Then what about the merchandise if you don't have capital? Relax, you can sell it by dropship so you don't need capital first.

A business that is currently a trend for young people can be a promising business in the future, given the increasing trend of online shopping from time to time.

4. Current Franchise Business

Business for Young, Easy, and Small Capital 2021

Actually, the concept of a franchise business or franchise has been around for decades. But lately, a franchise concept business that offers cheap partnership packages is booming again.

Of the many franchises that are booming, there are several food franchises under 10 million or beverage franchises that are only a few million rupiahs which are very much in demand.

The emergence of a cheap franchise concept like this is certainly very interesting because there is no need to bother thinking about business concepts and their equipment, which of course are also not cheap.

The products that are sold are also contemporary foods or drinks that are definitely liked by various groups, such as various boba drinks, thai tea, takoyaki, and so on.

5. Café business

Business for Young, Easy, and Small Capital 2021

Café slang, which has become a hangout spot for hits, is increasingly in demand by millennials. This certainly raises new business prospects, especially for creative young people who want to do business.

Actually, building a hip café is not as difficult as it seems. It's just that you have to really think about the right business concept. For example, the concept of a food truck with a tent stall, a cool café with an online game arena, or other concepts.

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Apart from the concept, you also need to consider your target market. With the target market for young people, of course you can present a menu that is practical, cheap, and up to date.

This business, which is currently a trend for young people, can not only be run in big cities, but also in small cities or developing villages.

Some of these businesses are not only suitable for young people but also require minimal capital, so you don't have to spend too deep to run them.

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