Getting Money from Your Own Blog Without Capital for Beginners

Getting Money from Your Own Blog Without Capital for Beginners

How to Get Money From Blogs ~ How do you get money from blogs easily without any capital at all? Here's the explanation!

After creating a blog, we certainly hope to make money by using the blog. Because a blog can make a large amount of money if handled properly.

To be able to get money from blogs, first of all you have to increase traffic or visitors first. Therefore, you need to learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques so that your blog can appear on the top lists of Google search engines.

Then, blog promotion through social media accounts will also lead people you know to visit your blog for free.

After your blog is quite busy, you can start an effort to get money. How to?

Getting Money from Your Own Blog Without Capital for Beginners

4 Easiest Ways To Get Money From Blogs Without Capital

The following are some of the ways you can make money using a blog platform.

1. Installing Ads from Google Adsense

The way most people use is to place ads from Google Adsense.

Register Google Adsense Youtube via Smartphone

To advertise from Google Adsense, all you have to do is register your blog on Google Adsese. If the ad has been approved, you will get an ad script that you will display on the blog.

In order to quickly get an ad script from Google Adsense, you must pay attention to several things, for example the number of visitors, content content, and the age of the blog.

After your blog has advertisements, then you will get a certain commission depending on the CPC (Coast per Click) rate every time someone clicks on the ad. The more that click on the ad, the higher your income will be.

2. Become an Affiliante Marketer

The next way to get money from blogs is to become an affiliate marketer of other blogs or websites.

Affiliante marketing is an online business system where you post an affiliate url or link belonging to another blog or website to your blog.

Later the url will go to a specific online shop or e-commerce site with a wide variety of products to be offered.

As a blog owner, you will get a certain commission if a blog visitor clicks on the url and a purchase transaction occurs. The commission is a bonus affiliate marketing fee.

Currently, various large sites such as Amazon, Alibaba, Lazada, Blibli, Zolora, and so on offer affiliate cooperation with various fees and attractive offers in them.

3. Through Advertorial Cooperation

Have you ever visited a website or blog, which contains articles that discuss testimonials about certain products or services, with the aim that readers are interested in trying these products or services?

It is a form of advertorial cooperation between advertisers or product distributors and blog owners.

how to make money from google adsense blog

In advetorial cooperation, advertisers will usually contact the blog owner to provide testimonials or reviews about certain products.

Every time you publish a review in the form of an article, the blog owner will get a certain fee according to mutual agreement.

4. Selling Products on Blogs

We can also make money from blogs by selling various kinds of products on blogs, ranging from clothing, accessories, bags, shoes, and so on.

These products can be taken from an agent or supplier using a dropship or reseller system.

Of course, making blogs as sales stalls will be more profitable because it will reach more people from all walks of life.

To increase buyers' trust in the products that you market, don't forget to include other social media on the blog.

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