Types of Noodles

Noodles (or often written noodles) are long, thin dough that has been rolled, dried, and cooked in boiling water. This term also refers to dried noodles which must be cooked again by dipping it in water. The Italians, Chinese, and Arabs have claimed their nation as the creators of noodles, although the oldest writings on noodles came from the Eastern Han Dynasty, between 25 and 220 AD. In October 2005, the oldest noodles estimated to be 4,000 years old were discovered in Qinghai, China.

Types of Noodles based on country of origin
Mi is a generic name. The Europeans call pasta (from Italian) generically, and noodle (English) for longitudinal pasta. However, in Europe the raw material for noodles is usually from types of wheat, while in Asia the raw material for noodles is more varied. In Asia alone, the pasta that is made is always elongated. Various forms of noodles can be found in various places. 

This difference occurs due to the mixture of ingredients, the origin of flour as raw material, and processing techniques. The following are the types of noodles (and food from noodles) that are well known.
  1. Chinese vermicelli, made from rice flour raw material
  2. Dangmyeon - Korean noodles, made from sweet potato flour
  3. Fetucini - noodles from Italy, similar to spaghetti, flat and smooth
  4. Ifu noodles - Chinese noodles, wheat flour (wheat)
  5. Kway Teow - Chinese noodles, rice flour
  6. Lamian - Chinese pull noodles, wheat flour (wheat)
  7. Linguini - noodles from Italy resemble spaghetti, flat and finer
  8. Macaroni - noodles from Italy, cut short, curved and hollow in the middle
  9. Having Korean guksu - noodles, from buckwheat, is the same as
  10. Chinese SobaMi - Chinese noodles, wheat flour
  11. Misoa - noodles from China, made from wheat flour
  12. Instant noodles Mi sago, sago flour
  13. Olchaengi guksu - Korean noodles made from corn flour, originating from the Gangwon-do province in South Korea
  14. Ramen - noodle soup from Japan
  15. Ramyeon - noodle soup from Korea
  16. Reshteh - fresh egg noodles from the Middle East
  17. Brownish soba noodles from Japan, from buckwheat flour
  18. Somyeon - Korean noodles made from very thin wheat flour
  19. sōmenSoun - noodles from China, made from mung bean flour
  20. Spaghetti - noodles from Italy
  21. Spatzle - noodles from southern Germany with yellow eggs
  22. Udon - noodles from Japan, wheat flour
  23. Wai Wai - mi from India
  24. Pundong noodles / Javanese noodles - noodles from Java, Indonesia, from cassava flour
  25. Martabak noodles from Indonesia

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