Mie : From East to The West

For many years, the origin of the noodles is still being debated. It's still confusing who made it first. Some opinions say that the noodles were first made in mainland Mediterranean. Another revealed the technology of making noodles developed in the Middle East.

There is also an old record that records that noodles were first made during the Han Dynasty in China in the years 25-200. Then in 2005, it was found the oldest 4000-year-old noodle in mainland China.

This discovery is proof that modern Chinese people were the first to make noodles. However, whether the manufacturing technology was adopted from the Middle East or not, it continues to be debated.

Many people also think that noodles start with pasta, so that Italy is the first to make noodles.

However, many historians believe that when Marco Polo visited China in the 13th century, he loved noodles and brought them to Italy and influenced the cuisine in his country. In fact, noodles did not become a staple in Italy until the 17th and 18th centuries.

On the Asian continent, noodles did not spread so much until about 100 years. In that year, noodles began to be known and liked in several countries such as, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, even to the island countries in Southeast Asia and Asia.

In Chinese culture, noodles are a symbol of long life. Hence, noodles are traditionally often served at birthdays and Chinese New Year as a symbol of longevity. So the Chinese birthday cake version is birthday noodles.

In Japan, noodles are put into Japanese tea ceremonies and making noodles is considered an art in its own right. Noodles became even more important in Japan after World War II, when food was lacking and only dry noodles were available.

Initially, noodles were produced manually sized long thin sheets. Until only in the 700's was found a machine for making noodles with mechanical devices. The development of the method of making noodles then moved quickly after the discovery of missal noodle production machines. Was T. Enter who was credited with making a mechanical noodle making machine in 1854. His discovery was the forerunner of the mass production of noodle machines now.

            In the market, noodles are divided into 3 types based on their level of maturity, namely dry noodles, wet noodles, and instant noodles. As the name implies, wet noodles are sold in a wet state. Wet noodles are noodles that have not been cooked, have a high water content which is around 52%, stale quickly and can only last one day. Wet noodles are commonly used as raw materials for making chicken noodles.

            Dry noodles are noodles that are marketed in dry form. This noodle, also called egg noodle, has a low water content, only around 13%. Made from egg and flour, the dried noodles are processed in an oven or dried in the sun to dry before being packaged and marketed. This type of noodle is often used as raw material for boiled noodles or fried noodles.

            Finally, instant noodles. The most practical and most popular noodles have become a compulsory complement to today's public food supplies. The water content is only around 5-8%, making it last longer than other types of noodles. Instant noodles are actually cooked noodles, because they are packaged after the drying process by frying or heating. The processing is simple, just put in boiling water for 4 minutes and you can add other additional seasonings as a flavor enhancer.

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