Passion Bank Mandiri dalam mewujudkan impian nasabah

As stated in its 2011 financial statements and Q3 2012 results presentation, Bank Mandiri includes the phrase "Passion in fulfilling your dreams" or "Seriousness in answering every wish", a sentence that has a very deep meaning, how not? A company generally includes strategic sentences in its financial statements, but Bank Mandiri actually includes sentences that have an element of emotional engagement that in my opinion is very profound and touches the customer's heart or funding, namely stating that the effort to realize customer's dreams is the passion of Bank Mandiri. Even in communication to customers Mandiri uses the tag line life in Mandiri (2012) which in my opinion means that Bank Mandiri is manifesting its passion in the form of being part of the lives of its customers meaning that all the wishes and needs of customers in their daily lives will be solved by Mandiri, the free translation is " Whatever you want, Bank Mandiri Only "

The sentence "Passion in fulfilling your dreams" or "Seriousness in answering every wish" raises a question for me, how does Bank Mandiri implement its passion, to answer my question, then I use the concept of simple value chain analysis to facilitate me in answering my curiosity

The initial step, to understand Bank Mandiri is by reading the financial statements of Bank Mandiri, because through the financial statements, then I will get a comprehensive understanding to understand Bank Mandiri. From reading the 2011 financial statements and Q3 2012 results presentation, I see Bank Mandiri as a transactional bank, where customers use their savings for various needs such as:
1. Paying telephone bills, credit card bills, cable tv bills, postpaid telephone bills, buying prepaid credit etc. (Mandiri savings)2. Transfer funds between accounts in the same bank or different banks3. Check the savings balance4. Take cash5. Shop at merchants (Mandiri credit cards and Mandiri savings)6. And many other customer needs

The implications of these conditions are as follows:
1. Bank Mandiri relies heavily on transaction features (ATM, Mobile banking, E-banking, EDC etc.) to support customer transaction activities2. Bank Mandiri income is obtained from fees from transaction activities

In the Q3 2012 results presentation, the seriousness of Bank Mandiri in realizing its passion is outlined in the focus strategy on three potential areas of Bank Mandiri, namely
* Strengthening the leadership of Bank Mandiri as wholesale transactional banking, which is carried out through
* Comprehensive solution in terms of financing and transactions* Become the retail deposit bank of choice (Mandiri savings and Mandiri savings plans)* Perform differentiation through creating experienced customers and targeted propositions* Provides an innovative payment solution* Establish key positions in retail financing segments (Mandiri kpr and Mandiri KTA)* Providing superior mortgage, personal loan and card products* Become a major player in micro banking* Winner in the field of sharia in Indonesia

After understanding Bank Mandiri's profile, from the information contained in its 2011 financial statements and Q3 2012 results presentation and Bank Mandiri's website, the following is a brief explanation of how Bank Mandiri can realize its passion to provide superior value (Whatever you want, Bank Mandiri Only) for its customers, which I will present in the framework of value chain analysis, is as follows

Bank Mandiri's main activities
1. Inbound (activities to obtain or obtain funds) To raise funds, Bank Mandiri does so by beginning to understand the needs and desires of customers in order to offer innovative products or services that attract customers to entrust their funds to Bank Mandiri, Bank Mandiri's understanding of the needs and desires customers can be seen simply in the diversity of Bank Mandiri products as follows:a. Consumer banking: The focus is to facilitate customer banking activities with various types of financing and banking services with a light initial depositb. UKMK: The focus is on providing support and facilities for micro and small business activities with various financing services that are appropriate to business needs, for investment, working capital and other needs.c. Commercial and corporate banking: The focus is on helping commercial and corporate customers find promising business opportunities and added value for customers by providing consulting, analysis, management and other financial solutions.d. Treasury & amp; financial institution (Fee-based income): Focus on supporting capital market transactions and developing service networks. The income is then allocated to primary reserves, secondary reserves, lending and investment.

2. Operations (Fund management activities):
e. Treasury, Financial Institution & amp; special asset management: Increasing customer transaction flow, developing treasury infrastructure, strengthening overseas branches and realizing Bank Mandiri as the best treasury house in the region, with the following activities:

To ensure that all activities in the value chain run smoothly and provide satisfying results, Bank Mandiri takes measurements using the ballace score card method, wherein the ballace score card has determined the success parameters from each perspective with a brief explanation as follows:
1. Financial perspective: Focus on increasing the value of Bank Mandiri, especially through fee-based income in the wholesale and retail segments2. Customer perspective: Focus on increasing customer satisfaction through improving the quality of branch offices and e-channel services so as to realize the best service excellence in industry3. Internal business process perspective: Improving the implementation of the service marketing triangle into a service marketing pyramid, namely interaction between Bank Mandiri employees, Bank Mandiri management and customers through strengthening the implementation of good corporate governance and employee productivity supported by the application of leading information and communication technology (ICT)4. Development perspective: In carrying out development, Bank Mandiri implements what is called value innovation, which is to increase value for customers without having to increase or even by reducing costs in providing services to customers, in the following ways:
a. Creating: Innovative products and services according to the needs and desires of customers
b. Eliminating: Eliminating the complexity and difficulties of customers in enjoying Bank Mandiri services by simplifying internal business processes and providing widespread outlets and e-channel services
c. Improve: Increase customer satisfaction by improving the quality of service to customers (best service excellence in industry)
d. Reducing: reducing the cost of funds, Bank Mandiri conducts repricing the interest rates of third party funds. Through this strategy, there has been an improvement in the composition of savings and demand deposits as a source of cheap funds
From the simple description above clearly shows the seriousness of Bank Mandiri in realizing its passion that is "Whatever you want, Bank Mandiri Only". Bank Mandiri as having a passion that is reflected and communicated in a well integrated and implemented with full commitment and consistency is proven by the pouring of that passion into the corporate strategy and work programs of the Bank Mandiri business unit.
Seeing this, it is very possible for Bank Mandiri to become a bank that is able to meet all the needs and desires of its customers and even make customers call Bank Mandiri "its my bank" or "my own bank" which reflects the high sense of belonging (emotional aspect) of customers towards the Bank Mandiri.

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