Komodo Island Tour Package, Visiting Ancient Animals in Eastern Indonesia

Komodo National Park is one of the most visited destinations in East Nusa Tenggara. The main attraction of this tourist destination is of course because this place is a Komodo sanctuary which is an ancient animal. The location of this national park is in the District of Komodo, West Manggarai, NTT.

Nowadays, Komodo Island is increasingly visited by tourists both local and foreign tourists. Even more interesting, there are also some interesting islands to visit. So besides being able to see the Komodo dragon, there are lots of exciting activities you can do while on vacation there. With its islands and biodiversity, it's no wonder that Komodo Island is a favorite destination for tourists.

History of Komodo Island

The island located in the southern part of NTT province was named Komodo Island in 1910 by the Dutch. Lieutenant Steyn van Hens Broek had received a report that his army had found a large animal like a dragon on this island. To prove the report, Steyn killed an animal and was taken to the Botanical Garden Museum in Bogor for research.

Interesting Activities on Komodo Island

When visiting the Komodo National Park, many choices of exciting activities you can do. The following are some of these activities

· See Komodo directly

The main purpose of visiting this destination is to see the Komodo dragon directly which is a protected animal in this National Park. Animals that are often referred to as giant lizards have been on this island since 40 million years ago. On average, giant lizards that can be found there have a length of between 2-3 meters and a weight of 165 kg. Although you feel brave, you should still be careful if you want to see the Komodo dragon directly.

You need to be accompanied by a ranger or handler team to guide the journey to see the Komodo dragon to avoid things that are not expected. To be able to meet with dragons, tourists must climb the mountain first for approximately 4 hours. For those who are not accustomed to walking long distances or climbing, this certainly feels tiring. But don't be discouraged because there is already a hiking trail to make it easier for you to get to your destination.

In addition to seeing the Komodo dragon directly on the island, this rare animal can also be found in Loh Buaya which is on Rinca Island. To go to Loh Buaya, you can use a boat or boat from Labuan Bajo with a travel time of about 2 hours. In Loh Buaya, you can also climb a hill to see the beauty of the beach below.

· Enjoy Sunrise or Sunset on Kanawa Island

No one can reject the beauty of the sunrise and sunrise, especially if you see it directly from a beautiful place like Kanawa Island. On Kanawa Island, there are several resorts to stay if you plan to spend more than one day on this island. The price for staying there is also not too expensive which is around Rp 200 thousand per night

· Snorkeling at Kelor Island

For fans of water sports, snorkeling in Kelor Island can be one of the interesting activities that can be included in the Komodo National Park tour package list. There, you can see the underwater scenery with 260 types of coral and thousands of species of fish. Kelor Island can be reached by traveling about 1 hour from. In addition to the natural beauty of the underwater, the view of the island is also very spoil the eyes of anyone who visits it

Price of admission

The entrance ticket for local tourists (tourists from Indonesia) in the Komodo National Park is IDR 10,000 per person. Meanwhile foreign tourists are charged a ticket of Rp 250 thousand per person. To find out more about the ins and outs of this place, you can use a guide at a rate of Rp. 80 thousand. For more complete information about Komodo National Park, do not hesitate to contact marketing package tours to this destination.

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