The Best Vehicle You Must Visit at Taman Impian Jaya Ancol

Have you ever been to Ancol Dreamland? If not, you must put it on your vacation plan list this year. Reviews of various interesting rides at Ancol Dreamland following can be one of your choices when visiting there.

Play water in Atlantis water adventure

Do not let you miss this one water vehicle. This vehicle, which has many enthusiasts, offers a lot of fun and more challenging rides. You can try out the flow pool, wave pool, outbound pool, to the highest and longest slide pool (crazy highest longest slide). Guaranteed you will be satisfied playing water here.

Test your guts by riding an adrenaline rush in a fantasy world

This vehicle is very suitable for those of you who vacation with family. There are so many rides in dufan you know. There are more than 30 rides in it, ranging from rides that are relaxed to adrenaline that stimulates you who like challenges. Like, Turangga (merry-go-round), Kora-kora (giant boat), Ferris wheel, Hysteria, Halilintar, Tornado, Slanted house, and many more.

Fantasy world or known as dufan carries Greek, American, Egyptian, European and Asian style themes, so your eyes won't get bored.

Animal lovers must go to Faunaland

For those of you who are happy with the animal world, don't worry Ancol Dreamland Park provides a Faunaland ride.

Ancol's vehicle has a collection of animals that are fairly rare and unique, in addition there are types of animals that you can touch directly such as turtles and various types of birds. Oh yes, at certain hours there are usually animal shows like bird shows, so don't miss it.

Still not satisfied, there's more, you can also take pictures with some of the fauna that are here. In Faunaland there are also small spots for instagrammable photos you know.

Watch a variety of marine animal shows in the ocean dream ocean

Another popular attraction in the Ancol Jaya Ancol Dreamland Park is Ocean Dream Ocean.

In this vehicle even though you can't play water, there are still many interesting activities that you can do. Like, watching the most popular show is the dolphin show. In addition, there are performances of sharks, seals that can be enjoyed by children.

Traveling to the underwater world Sea world Ancol

Intrigued by the underwater world, now this vehicle is most suitable for you. Aquarium tours that have a collection of marine biota and freshwater biota are many enthusiasts you know.

There are 28 aquariums and 9 open ponds whose biotas can be touched. Also watch the live feeding show at certain hours.

The price of admission to Taman Impian Jaya Ancol

Here is a list of ticket prices for each vehicle in Ancol. Keep in mind that ticket prices can change at any time, so make sure to prepare more budget.

Regular Ticket does not include Ancol gates
Weekday IDR 200,000
Weekend & Holidays IDR 295,000

Purchase a Dufan ticket (Fantasy World)
Weekday: IDR 180,000
Weekend & Holidays: IDR 250,000

Ticket is non-refundable
Weekday: IDR 400,000
Weekend & Holidays: IDR 400,000

Weekday: Rp. 200,000
Weekend & Holidays: IDR 200,000

Weekday: IDR 450,000
Weekend & Holidays: IDR 550,000

Regular Dufan Sea World Ancol Bundling
Purchase at the Dufan counter
Period 16 August - 31 August 2019
Especially on the 17th, 18th and 31st of August, a price of 375k applies
Especially on August 30 applies weekend prices
Weekday: IDR 250,000
Weekend & Holidays: IDR 350,000

Fun Pass
Note the period until September 30, 2019
Tickets are valid on All Day (Monday to Sunday Holidays)
Tickets are valid for 14 days from the payment date
Prices are valid for visitors with a minimum height of 100 cm or more and under the age of 65 years
Ticket valid for 1 visit (Dufan, Sea World, Atlantis, Ocean Dream Ocean)


Check the location here!

Ancol glorious dream park is very broad so you have to make sure to check the location so that it doesn't get lost. Simply use the Google maps application, guaranteed you won't get lost.

The locations of the five recommended vehicles above are all in the Ancol area. For the ancol atlantis rides closest to the dufan vehicle. Whereas the dufan vehicle itself is closest to the faunaland and art park. Ocean dream ocean rides are closest to Ancol World.

Ancol's glorious dream park is so popular as a tourist spot in Indonesia, aside from its long standing, also because of its promotion. The promotion of these attractions is not only through advertising in print and electronic media, but also through internet social media.

IG: dream/
Youtube: dream

Even Ancol promotion is also often encountered in television media, have you seen it?

How? Are you interested in visiting this biggest family tourist spot in Indonesia? Make sure Taman Impian Jaya Ancol is included in your holiday travel list this year. The above review hopefully can be a reference for you who are planning to go, yeah

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