Macan (Tiger) Museum, A Fun and Instagramable Art Learning Place

The Tiger Museum, for those of you who have never visited or heard of the Tiger Museum, surely think that this is about the 'Tiger'. But this museum is not about 'Tigers', you know, our museum contains contemporary art from Indonesian and foreign artists. A variety of contemporary and modern contemporary works are here, from Raden Saleh to Yayoi Kusama.

All works on display at this museum are slick, unique and quite rare. So for those of you who don't know any art problems, it's fun to study art here, plus you'll get Instagramable photo spots. So you don't add any more info about our cool museum, let's just check out the interesting info.
Contemporary Museum of International Quality in Indonesia

Bearing the title of the first international contemporary museum in Indonesia, our museum is truly complete. The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in the Archipelago, even has phenomenal works from Yayoi Kusama. Who doesn't know Yayoi Kusama ?, We even brought a phenomenal Narcissus Garden and became the most Instagramable spot.

Another part that is no less interesting is the place of contemporary Indonesian original paintings. Here you can see and learn how nicely the works of Raden Saleh, Dullah to Affandi. Do not stop there, even the 2019 Tiger Museum has a corner for a place to play and learn children, namely Play Gum.

Entrance Ticket Prices and How to Get it
So that you are clearer, information about the Museum Tiger entrance ticket and how to buy the Museum Tiger ticket, see below.

Ticket Category
1. Children <3 years old: Free
2. Children aged 3 -12 years: Rp. 80,000
3. Seniors> / = 65 Years: Rp. 90,000
4. Students: IDR 90,000
5. Adults: Rp 100,000

You can buy Tiger Museum entry tickets online on the website, or directly on location. Create a group or come with 10 friends or more, please contact us first, there are special offers for you.

Where is the Museum of the Tiger?

For those of you who are already curious to really go to the Tiger Museum, the way is really easy. The location is near several private TV stations and also Srengseng City Forest which is famous for natural forest tourism. The Tiger Museum is precisely at AKR Tower Level M, Jalan Panjang no.5 Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta.

When visiting here you can also stop by at some other tourist attractions. There are several interesting places that are close to this museum such as the Jakarta Aquarium, Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Tanah Abang Market, and many more.

The famous or booming of our museum is because of the many Instagramable spots available. Many visitors post about the Tiger Museum on their respective social media accounts and attract others to come.

Oh yeah, Instagram Museum Macan @museummacan also has a follower of almost 100k. Then the website itself also contains very complete information. You can also contact our contact number at 082122121888 if you have something to ask.

Conclusion about the Tiger Museum

Anyway, our contemporary museum is very complete, ranging from contemporary to modern contemporary works here. The selected work is also the best work, so it can be a fun place to learn art as well as an Instagramable photo place.

So for those of you who have never visited, let's immediately come to the Tiger Museum. Want to be with friends or alone okay - okay anyway. Because the Tiger Museum will continue to be a fun place to learn art with its various Instagram photo spots.

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