The Importance of Maintaining Work Life Balance To Be More Productive

Having a balanced life is the dream of many people, including tough workers who must struggle with their work every day. No matter how busy someone is at work, work life balance is very important to be maintained so that they can live a balanced life like their dreams. Either balanced in terms of career or work, family, friendship, or self-actualisation needs such as holidays or following the community according to passion.

Work life balance that can be lived by anyone who is preoccupied with his work certainly has extraordinary benefits. All aspects of life can be well taken care of despite being busy with a career and work. Then, what is the understanding and benefits of this work balance life?

The Need for Work Life Balance for Workers

1. Work life balance is work and personal life that is balanced in which both can be managed properly by a worker. It is undeniable that work is one of the needs and desires that must be lived. Called necessity because work becomes an important demand to meet daily needs. Work can also be a desire if the job is in accordance with a hobby and passion.

2. Workers who can remain productive and have high performance and have an ideal personal life can be called someone who has a work life balance.

3. The high demands of work today in terms of time and performance, can increase a person's stress level if they do not have a work life balance. This will certainly affect the performance in the future which tends to go down while damaging other areas of life.

4. The benefits of work life balance are not only felt by workers but also by the company because human resources are one of the important assets that must be maintained.

Here are the benefits of work life balance that can be obtained for a worker: More productive in working with adequate sleep time because the use of energy can be in accordance with its portion.

1. More creative because when the body is more relaxed then ideas and brilliant inspiration will tend to appear easily.

2. Happier because it has a corresponding or balanced inner and physical satisfaction.

3. Better relationships with people around your family, neighbors, friends, and colleagues in the office where you work.

Tips for Maintaining Work Life Balance

Maintaining work life balance is not a difficult thing to do. The following tips can be an inspiration and reference for anyone who wants to undergo a work life balance:

1. Set working hours
A workaholic still needs time to rest sufficiently so that the next day can be productive back to work. Try to complete the work on time and according to the expected target. No need to force overtime if it can still be done the next day. There are families waiting at home who want to chat and mingle together.

2. Own and maintain priorities
Give the right portion 24 hours a day for work, family, friends and rest. If possible do not let work in the office be carried to the house. So that time at home is time that is really used for quality time and rest.

3. Make time for recreation
Recreation or vacation is very important to do so that the mind can be refreshed from the fatigue of daily work.

Work life balance can certainly be achieved with the support of the company at work. Management of companies that pay good attention to human resources, including about working hours and health, is one of the important factors. However, after all work life balance will be achieved if there is a strong intention in yourself, including how to manage time management properly.

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