Sprint Design and Design Thinking Approaches for Creative Human

The digital world in the industrial era 4.0 is inseparable from the role of creative human beings who have been working hard to create the latest innovations. To be successful in all fields occupied, one must think creatively and innovatively to be able to compete in the global competition of the digital age. To improve quality, creative, and innovative human resources, companies also need to take approaches such as design sprints and design thinking.

Quality human resources are even more important to be improved for the progress of the business undertaken by both individuals and certain organizations. For a company, building quality human resource management is very important as the company's basic capital which will later become a valuable asset. Then, what are the differences between the two approaches?

Difference between Design Sprint and Design Thinking

The two terms of this approach have different meanings. Nevertheless, both have an important role that must work together in order to achieve the expected goals. Both are interrelated and will directly require someone to be able to think creatively and innovatively to find solutions to a problem. No wonder both of these methods are often used, especially for designers and companies engaged in the creative industry.

Design Sprint is a method approach that is carried out to build a concept in the form of a prototype using 5 stages and within 5 days. The stages are carried out in a very communicative and interactive way so that all ideas, creativity, and inspiration can be issued and applied to the products made.

This method can help the management team to determine the desired direction and goals clearly. The sprint design method will be very helpful starting from product determination, work flow, to problem solving and finding solutions. The stages that must be passed in the print design process are understand (understanding), diverge (variation), decide (convergence), prototype, and validate (validation).

While design thinking is a creative process in the form of a human-centred approach to the innovation that will be created. In the process, design thinking must integrate the needs of people, technology, and other requirements needed. This method is suitable for companies that prioritise product design to be more user-friendly and have more functional value.

Implementation of Sprint Design and Design Thinking

Sprint design and design thinking become the solution when someone is stuck with ideas and inspiration. The concept of design using these two methods will be more directed and clearer so that it is easy to determine what products will be made. Many large companies such as Google, Apple, IDEO, and other creative companies use both methods.

In a sprint design process, one must be open minded, give a larger portion than an individual, and value time and process more. Whereas design thinking must prioritise empathy to see the user's point of view, creativity, and rationality. If all of these things are applied well, even extraordinary product innovations will be easily created.

In an article written by Jonathan Courtney, design sprints and design thinking can be analogous to food. The sprint design can be analogous to a recipe containing cooking steps and what ingredients are needed. Whereas design thinking depicts cooking classes. In essence, these two approaches are mutually sustainable because learning to cook alone will not produce anything without a clear recipe.

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