Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) Snowbay Waterpark, A Fun Water Playground Many Fun Rides

When it's summer like this it tastes the best when playing water, especially in a waterpark that has lots of exciting rides, it must be fun. Already the body becomes fresh, the mind also becomes fresh, happy feelings, wah so impatient. Speaking of waterpark, it looks like our Snowbay TMII waterpark is the best.

Do not believe ? please try it yourself, visit Snowbay Waterpark. Not only will you be satisfied because of the exciting rides at Snowbay but also because of the variety of delicious Foodcourt available. Curious to know more about us? let's immediately see the important info below:

TMII Snowbay Waterpark with Various Exciting Rides

For those of you who don't know, the Snowbay ride is currently the 7th most popular vehicle. All rides are not only fun but some are triggering adrenaline and certainly make you want to ride again.

In Snowbay the first most preferred vehicle is Captain Jack, where you have to get ready on a broom like a wave in the middle of the sea. Hurricane that makes you feel like you will fall quickly into the abyss and Flush Bowl which gives the sensation of being doused and falling into the water as deep as 2 m. To compensate for the Flush Bowl and Hurricane which triggers adrenaline, there is a pool of calm currents that everyone likes.

Just imagining it is exciting and fun isn't it. Plus here there are various kinds of foodcourt ranging from Balinese food, fast food, cafes and others.

How Much is the Snowbay Entrance Ticket Price?

For now there are now 2 types of tickets, namely ticket prices for weekends and weekday.
Ticket price
• Weekday: IDR 140,000
• Weekend: IDR 180,000
• Rent a locker: IDR 30,000
• Enter the Mini Car Park Gate: IDR 10,000
• Enter the Taman Mini Motor Gate: Rp. 6,000

Especially for those of you who want to come soon but feel the price is rather expensive, calm, there's always a promo. As is currently underway also the 2019 Snowbay promo period, for more details please see on our website www. Snowbay.co.id.

Where is Snowbay Location?
Snowbay Waterpark is precisely inside the TMII area which is located on Jl. Raya Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta. So to find it is very easy, you certainly will not go wrong or stray. Moreover, Snowbay is also close to Ragunan Zoo, not even 10 km away.

If you are still unsure and afraid of being lost, just use Google Maps. Just type the name, and follow the directions, it will definitely arrive safely. Who doesn't know where TMII and Snowbay Waterpark are located.

Because the location is still in the TMII area, you can also stop by at various tourist areas in Taman Mini. So after playing water, you can stop by the museum or try various rides at TMII.

Snowbay Waterpark utilizes social media, especially Instagram, to be known by the public. In addition, you also have a website to update various promos that we are currently giving. If you want to know more details about us, you can immediately check the website www.snowbay.co.id, or ig @snowbaywaterpark. There is also a contact number you can call at +622188783530.

Anyway, once you visit Snowbay, you will definitely be hooked and want to come back soon. Whether it's for Captain Jack, Hurricane and even for the food court there and certainly everyone's favorite is the pool current.

How ? Already interested? Hopefully with this information about Snowbay Waterpark TMII, you can visit soon. Then immediately feel for yourself how fun spending time and trying a variety of exciting rides.

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