Agile Organization Trends for Company Progress

The term agile has recently been increasingly discussed in the world of work or companies and has even become a new trend for an organization. A good and sustainable relationship between the company and employees is very important to be fostered in order to achieve the vision and mission expected. This is where the agile organization has an important role in terms of managing a company's human resources.

Demands in the digital age require an organization to be faster in responding, flexible, and adaptive to the environment. So that in order to keep abreast of developments, management in an organization needs to be transformed into agile. The term agile is very closely related to a mindset that management must have. Being an agile organization can build strength for companies to move forward.

Definition of Agile Organization

The success of an organization is not only determined by the size of the organization. Even large companies will slowly weaken if they do not have good human resources. In fact, the ability of the agile organization is even more able to make companies compete in the midst of increasingly fierce digital era competition.

Agile organization is an organization that has agile characteristics that can and easily adapt to environmental changes. Agile organizations will be able to understand consumers better because understanding consumers as a whole is one of its principles. Agile organizations can redefine consumer needs by a combination of economies of scale, value, price, quality, transaction ease, service, speed, and innovation.

Agile organizations are able to create network circles and make customers the center of attention. They will capture the niche opportunities that are obtained from the value added activity chain of the network. The pattern applied by agile organization management is open, not hierarchical, adaptive, and inclusive (not separatist and segregative). So that the human resources in it will feel comfortable.

Character of Agile Organization

Before transforming into an agile organization, it's good to know in advance the character of an agile organization like this:

1. Trust and appreciate that the organization exists to meet the interests and needs of customers and accommodate the interests of stakeholders in a balanced manner.

2. Work with an adaptive leadership model by dividing organizational structure into small and large circle teams that are cross functional. There is a clear barrier between teams but it still does not preclude cross-functional cooperation of each team or division.

3. Instill the value of openness, modesty, dare to take risks, willing to introspect yourself, readily accept criticism and advice, and want to go down to the leaders.

4. The leaders dare to say what they are, have a high enthusiasm to serve and give, and are able to develop human resources.

5. Using technology to process big data by using mapping analysis of human and customer resources so that the organization is more responsive and flexible.

Step of Transformation into Agile Organization

Agile becomes very important to be implemented in a company in order to have a more agile and adaptive mindset. Here are some steps you can take to transform into an agile organization:

1. Prepare leaders in organizations that have an agile mindset to be able to foster the human resources in the company.

2. Transform work patterns and team functions both in small and large environments in an adaptive and flexible manner.

3. Making the process towards agile as a daily routine culture and pattern.

This agile principle has also been successfully applied by start-up companies such as Bukalapak who have succeeded in building an integrated work life culture and making every mistake a learning expense. Agile organizations will be able to instill value in the human resources in it so that there is a sense of belonging to the company. To be able to achieve agile in an organization, of course, must have the full support of all parties related to the organization.

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