The Best Diving Spot in Raja Ampat that Must Be Visited

Papua offers a million charms that can be found in every corner of the city. The Raja Ampat Islands are now the main attraction for tourists flocking to Papua. Raja Ampat itself is a series of four islands namely Waigeo Island, Salawati Island, Misool Island, Batanta Island, and Salawati Island. Raja Ampat offers underwater beauty with many coral reefs, fish and marine life that live side by side.

According to the data, Raja Ampat waters are home to 1,470 fish species, 553 marine coral species, 7 dolphin species and 8 whale species. In addition, you can also see turtles, sharks, dugongs, and endemic animals typical of Indonesia. Even the beauty of Raja Ampat's underwater panorama has been named as one of the best snorkeling sites in the world in 2015 by CNN.

To enjoy the underwater beauty of Raja Ampat, you can try diving at some of the best dive spots there. There are at least 76 diving spots. The following are Raja Ampat's best dive spots that you must try


Arborek is one of the best diving spots with the characteristics of many school fishes, which are fish that swim in groups. Arborek Island has many small dive spots that are perfect for those of you who are beginners in diving and don't have a license. The trip to Arborek can be reached by boat in about 2 hours from Waisai. Boat rental prices start from Rp 1 million per day. The beauty of the island of Arborek actually has been tempting from a distance. The beach there looks visible and decorated with white sand and rows of coconut trees.

Chicken Reef

Chicken Reef is actually a group of coral reefs. Interestingly, the water flow at the top is quite strong but at the bottom it is quieter. With a group of coral reefs that have strong currents on the surface, you will definitely fall asleep if you have reached the bottom. This spot is named Chicken Reef because it looks from a height. If you see this place from the plane, you look like a bunch of chicks. Not only that, the marine life in this place is also classified as complete ranging from cute little fish to predator sharks

Shadow Reef or Magic Mountain

This one diving spot often occupies the top position for dive sites in Raja Ampat. Located in Misool, Magic Mountain is an offshore peak that offers endless action. When the tide is entering, a horde of fish will appear like a festival. In addition, manta rays can also be found in this place. But to reach this location is not easy, so you have to prepare everything well.

Blue Magic

Blue Magic is one of the most popular diving spots on the international scene of Raja Ampat. There, you can find carpet sharks or wobbegong sharks and hordes of fish that swim together to and fro. You can also see the blue ring octopus that is often found there. The captivating underwater panorama of Blue Magic makes divers always fall in love with this diving spot. If you are interested in visiting there, the location is close to Kri Island. You can go there from Waisai City.

Those are some of the favorite diving spots in Raja Ampat. Marketing of Raja Ampat tour packages usually offers several diving spots that you can visit for a vacation within a certain period.

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