Building Innovation Culture in Organization

Innovative and creative are the two words that are currently most needed for the industry in the digital age. In order to compete in the digital age business world, individuals and companies must be required to be able to bring out the latest innovations and creativity. The innovations that come up are none other than the ideas and inspiration of human resources in them. So it is very important to build an innovation culture in organization.

Every company certainly has a culture that becomes a pattern as well as human resource habits that are in it. The company's culture is built to make the characteristics that guide the organisation. Values ​​that are understood and practiced daily by human resources become the basic foundation. Cultures that can be applied in any company are diverse ranging from the culture of discipline, neatness, and innovation culture.

Definition of Innovation Culture in Organisation

Innovation culture has become one of the very important cultures to be applied in the digital industry era like today. Understanding innovation culture is culture or organisational culture that is built to encourage the people in it to be able to develop creative ideas. The purpose of developing this culture is none other than the progress of the organisation or the company itself.

Creativity is an important factor for building and developing innovation culture in organisations. Innovation culture that is built illustrates how the development of innovation from interdependent divisions are interrelated to achieve the expected goals. The existence of this innovation culture is expected to be able to direct employees to make positive contributions with innovative and creative skills.

The Dimension of Innovation Culture

In addition to being built because of habits that become company culture, innovation culture is also influenced by the willingness and good management of human resources. Here are some dimensions that are important elements in building a culture of innovation:

1. Ability
Ability or skills possessed by talented employees must be given full support by company management. The support provided can be in the form of adequate facilities to develop skills, training or training, or promotion of position. Capabilities that are sharpened and well supported by the company are expected to bring out ideas and brilliant innovations from these employees.

2. Willingness
Willingness and motivation in employees and companies become another important element in order to build the expected innovation culture. Some things that can be done to increase the motivation for innovation culture include the following:

Training that can increase awareness of human resources in the company of the importance of innovation either through communication training or annual review).

Be open to employee ideas such as providing suggestion boxes which can later be evaluated together.

Give motivation and rewards to employees such as bonuses, gifts, praise, or promotions.

Gradual evaluations related to innovations that have been carried out by employees and give them permission and flexibility to develop them.

3. Opportunity
The great capabilities of the company's employees will not mean anything if you do not have permission or opportunity from the company itself. So companies that want to build innovation culture must provide maximum opportunities for employees to develop their creativity. Opportunities can be given in the form of time, budget and facilities, the formation of creative teams, or effective communication with leaders.

The success of innovation culture in organisation is inseparable from how the company's leaders set an example. In addition to the element of employee willingness and company management, a good leader must be able to become a role model for his employees. A leader has the most important role to realise the expected innovation culture in organisation.

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