Jatim Park, Educational and Recreational Tourism

For those of you who live around East Java, you might not be familiar with this tourist spot called Jatim Park. Because this tourist attraction is a pride as well as an icon from the East Java area, from the name alone is already illustrated that this tourist attraction is in the East Java region. To be more precise, this tourist area is located in Malang.

This tourist spot now has 3 branches, ranging from recreational vehicles, education of the natural environment and education about ancient life. Here we will thoroughly review the problem of the vehicle, the price of admission and interesting things that exist in this tourist spot.

3 Branch of East Java Park

Although there are several branches here, but all the rides presented are very different, it would be interesting if all the branches were visited. The first branch focuses on providing recreation, especially for children to play while learning. Different from the first branch, this second branch focuses more on natural science and of course also does not forget the touch of recreation.

For the third branch, it is often called the Jurassic Park Malang because here, the focus is education on prehistoric times. The longest variety of dinosaur statues here, in addition to education, here can also be an interesting photo spot for you. As for education, this place provides a room called the animal museum or better known as the Dino Museum.

Ticket prices for East Java Park

As for the problem of the price of admission itself Jatim Park 1 2 3 has a different entrance ticket price. In 1 branch of this tour, there are also several places with unequal ticket prices. The following is the info:

Jatim Park 1 + Museum Tubuh
1. Normal Ticket Price IDR 91,000
2. Weekend Ticket Price IDR 130,000

Jatim Park 2 + Batu Secret Zoo & Animal Museum
1. Normal Ticket Price IDR 120,000
2. Weekend Ticket Price IDR 120,000

Jatim Park 2 + Eco Green Park
1. Normal Ticket Price IDR 105,000
2. Weekend Ticket Price IDR 150,000

Jatim Park 3 + Dino Park
1. Normal Ticket Price of IDR 75,000
2. Weekend Ticket Price IDR 100,000

Tourist Location Location

For the location itself, the three branches of tourist attractions are very easily accessible because they are close to each other, both via private vehicles, or public transportation. The following are the 3 branch locations of this East Java Park tourist spot:

1. Jatim Park 1 is located on Jl. Dewi Sartika Atas Comb, Kec. Batu, Kota Batu, East Java 65314

2.Jatim Park 2 is located on Jalan Raya Oro - Oro Ombo, Temas, Kota Batu, East Java

3. Jatim Park 3 is located on Jl. Ir. Soekarno No 144, Junrejo, Kota Batu, East Java

If you want to visit here and want to see first what the atmosphere or spots of this tourist spot can directly access on its Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVxOYEQ3o85C5YccjlR90OA/featured. There are video information about interesting rides, events held and documentary videos about this tourist spot.

Apart from that, @jawatimurpark's Instagram page always updates interesting information such as promos and discounts and events to be held there.

Each branch of Jatim Park has different features and characteristics, so you can directly visit all three at once. If so, you can buy a ticket package to travel to these 3 places to get attractive discounts.

Does the explanation above help you find answers? Or still have questions? So in Jatim Park it is indeed designed for a complete family tour. But the question is, why is the location different? maybe yes, so that visitors are not bored in one place? maybe hehe. If you have questions, you can comment below.

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