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The presence of the internet in the midst of society is increasingly growing. It is undeniable that some people have become very dependent on it.

But did you know? That IT experts are developing a new innovation in the digital world called the Internet of Thing (IoT). Seeing the vast scope of the internet a new idea emerged that aims to help people get the ease of the internet through objects that are around them.

Then, what is the Internet of Thing?

"The Internet of Thing has the potential to change the world as the Internet has done, maybe even better." (Ashton, 2009)

Like internet services, IoT technology is easily accepted by the public. The initial idea of IoT itself was conceived by Kevin Ashton in 1999.

IoT is a breakthrough in which all objects in the real world can be interconnected and communicate with each other, as a single system using the internet network as a means of connecting. This has been widely adapted by large companies such as Microsoft and Oracle.

Positive and negative impacts of using IoT

Since the beginning of its appearance, IoT raises many pros and cons of its own. The pros and cons include the positive and negative aspects of using IoT in everyday life. For more details, you can see the explanation below.

Positive impact

Facilitate humans in a variety of activities by maximising the performance of many objects connected via the internet

Provides many innovative ideas for the development of new technologies in all aspects of life, for example, such as smart TV, refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines that can be connected to the internet and accessed easily by the owner via a smartphone screen.

Negative impact

With the existence of IoT and all its simplicity, the possibility of individuals in overcoming problems through an intermediary tool will be increasingly easy, this can have an impact on the low level of socialisation among individuals

IoT is also a great opportunity for the emergence of various kinds of cyber crime. The objects that are connected to the internet can be easily attacked by various viruses, infiltration or snooping on personal data that you have.

Application of the Internet of Thing (IoT) in life

Well, for those of you who are still confused about the definition of IoT, here are some examples of the application of IoT technology that is widely available around us.

CCTV is one of the many security aids that we encounter in our daily lives. CCTV is usually in the form of a small camera mounted on a certain place and monitored by someone through a computer screen.

But do you know, how the activities of someone who was captured through the camera can appear on the control room screen, even though maybe the distance is very far from the location of the camera? That's right, CCTV utilizes sensor technology connected by the internet to transfer data without going through human intermediaries.

2. Artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) in health
The use of artificial intelligence based on Machine Learning is one example of the further development of IoT. In the world of health, AI can help medical staff to accelerate the diagnosis of pathology digitally.

In February 2017, American IT experts successfully developed a wireless device that can monitor the health of athletes based on the nature of conduction on the skin, then the condition data is sent to a smartphone or computer.

3. Smart Agriculture
In addition to security and health, the use of IoT technology also includes agriculture. Many modern farmers in Indonesia have utilised this method to support the increase in their production yields.

IoT on agriculture can ease the task of farmers in the process of caring for plants, for example, to water plants automatically and periodically, detecting attacks and controlling pests, also helps maximize narrow land with urban farming in urban areas. Amazingly, all these processes can be monitored and controlled through the smartphone screen.

Apart from the pluses and minuses of using IoT, our presence should color the development of information technology, we must respond wisely. The hope of the community is that IoT can be developed even better, especially in terms of user safety so that it can have a big impact on human life.

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