Borobudur Temple, Historical Tourism Clad in Natural Beauty

Holidays either school or office is a time that is eagerly awaited by all those who almost daily wrestle with all the busyness of the world. With a tour of course the brain that was tense can be refreshed. Traveling to Borobudur Temple is an interesting choice. The beauty and fame of this temple makes it must be visited at least once in a lifetime.

Borobudur One of the Seven Wonders of the World

Why do you have to travel to Borobudur Temple? The answer is because the temple is one of UNESCO's seven wonders of the world. It would be very loss if we Indonesian people who have Borobudur apparently have never visited the temple directly.

The beauty of the biggest Buddhist temple is no doubt. His name is well known throughout Indonesia and even the world. In addition to the beauty of the architecture of the building, the history of this temple is also very interesting to observe. When you visit here, you should rent a tour guide to explain the brief history of Borobudur Temple and the meaning of relief on the temple wall.

After walking around and enjoying the beauty of the temple, you can also shop for various kinds of souvenirs here. In the Borobudur Temple area there is a market selling a variety of typical Borobudur knick knacks. Ranging from food to souvenirs are available here. You can freely shop for genuine Borobudur souvenirs to be used as souvenirs. The prices of goods here are also very affordable you know.

Entrance ticket to Borobudur Temple

Basically the price of admission Borobudur temple is not too expensive when compared with the beauty of this tour. You will get spiritual benefits in the form of inner peace, pride as an Indonesian citizen and of course participate in helping preserve ancestral heritage.

Rates / Prices
1. Children or domestic tourist students: IDR 12,000.00
2. Children or students of foreign tourists: USD 10.00
3. Adult domestic tourists: IDR 30,000.00
4. Adult foreign tourists: USD 20.00

In addition to the above prices, of course there are special prices for the Borobudur temple tour group, which is a 10% discount for groups with a minimum number of 30 people and a 10% discount for students with a minimum group of 20 people.
Lokasi Candi Borobudur, Dekat dari Jogja dan Semarang

Borobudur Temple is located on Jl. Badrawati, Kw. Borobudur Temple, Borobudur, Kec. Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java. This location is quite close if from Jogja which is only around 30 KM. Whereas if from Semarang the distance is approximately 70 KM.

When visiting the Borobudur Temple, you can also stop by at some other tourist attractions. If you like historical tours, you can stop by Mendut Temple which is only 4 KM away from Borobudur. You can also visit instagrammable tours like Punthuk Setumbu. The distance is only 5 KM from Borobudur. Sunrise and sunset in Punthuk Setumbu is really a shame not to be missed.

Promotion of Borobudur Temple is arguably quite intensively carried out. Both through social media, websites and advertisements on various media. But the most striking and quite successful promotion is through events or festivals. One of the most recent is the Borobudur International Art and Performance Festival. This kind of festival is quite successful to introduce Borobudur. Because it is currently the target of more foreign tourists.

If you want to see photos or images of Borobudur Temple and the latest information, you can directly follow our Instagram at @borobudurpark. Well, for those of you who want to know the schedule of events or travel promos in Borobudur, you can directly check our official website at For contact you can contact (0293) 788266.

Hopefully a brief review of Borobudur Temple can be a trigger to visit or travel to the pride temple of Indonesia. Make sure this year your holiday agenda with family, and friends to visit Borobudur Temple.

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