Get to know the Creative Industry in Indonesia

Description: Creative industries play an important role in improving the economy such as employment in Indonesia. What is creative industry and how is it potential? What are some examples? Check here 
The creative industry in Indonesia is now growing and expanding. We can easily interpret creative industries as various economic activities related to the use of information and technology and creation. As we know, the development of information and technology today is very fast. This can have negative and positive impacts. One of the positive effects of technological and information advancements is the large number of individuals who have begun to maximize their creativity. In fact, now, there are wide opportunities to explore their creative abilities. This creates the growth of creative industries that have huge benefits for a country. 

Potential and Role of Indonesia's Creative Industry 2019 

Cared by intelligent and creative human resources, the potential of our creative industries is still very wide open. Unfortunately, until now the players in this industry are still considered lacking. It is hoped that in the future more human resources will be the nation's youth who are involved in and developing Indonesia's creative industries. The result, will have an impact on the improvement and acceleration of the nation's economy. Of the many creative industries subsectors in Indonesia, 3 of them are very popular and widely known to the public. The three popular creative industries are in the fields of fashion, culinary, and crafts. Other sectors such as film and video animation, gam application development and visual communication design also have great potential for maximum development. Creative industries have a role to help improve the nation's economy because it can create new business fields. 

This has an impact on improving the economy, so the industry is required to be supported and developed even more. 

Examples of Creative Industries Here are some examples of popular creative industries in Indonesia: 

  1. Interior Design The rise of residential and office development has opened up huge opportunities in this sub-sector. However, there are still many things that need attention in this field. Among them are protection of perpetrators of this sub-sector, copyright protection, standardization and certification and exhibitions on an international scale.
  2. Fashion Is a sub-sector of the creative industry that is growing rapidly and dynamically. Productivity and innovation from local designers help develop the prevailing fashion trends. The interest and appreciation of our society towards local products has also increased.
  3. Culinary Is a creative industry sub-sector with enormous potential to continue to develop. Culinary has contributed about 30% of the total creative economy and tourism income. Things that still need to be considered for this creative sub-sector are: business licensing information, legal assistance when undergoing a business establishment process and training and guidance in the field of business or business.
  4. Crafts (Hand Crafts) Crafts focus on the skills of one's hands. The aesthetic aspects of values ​​and functions need to get attention. Craft itself is a handicraft made from raw materials such as wood, leather, metal glass, glass, textiles and ceramics
  5. Radio and Television Television and radio still exist today even though the flow of digital information is massive. Factors that need to be considered in this field are the creation of a good program, quality according to age and a positive impact on the surroundings.

The government needs to give full support to the creative industries in Indonesia so that they can grow. The development of this sub sector has a major impact on the development of our economy. So, are you ready to get involved in this industry?

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