Information at a Glance About the Music Industry and How It Works

Description: The music industry is not something easy to enter. But if you are serious about getting involved in this field, it's good to know more about the music industry and how it works. ====== 

The stretching of the music industry, both in the country and around the world makes many people tempted to plunge into it. Most of them just want to be famous, some of them channel their talents without enough knowledge about how it works. We need to know that the music industry is something that is very complicated. This industry involves many parties who play their respective roles in order to achieve their goals. The party is between the singer artist, the music distribution network, to the record label. Changes in the music industry have occurred a lot lately since the rise of the use of the internet in all walks of life. This has a big impact on the sale and distribution of music. Of course, this is also a factor that adds to the complexity in it. 

How the Music Industry Works 
If we want to get into the music industry, we should first understand how it works. Thus we can further maximize our potential and work until it can be enjoyed by others. The artist The artist is a figure who has an important role in this industry. It is they who create and display music so that later it can be enjoyed by all fans. 

Which includes artists in this industry are: 

  • Song writers: those who work to create music and write the lyrics of the song created. 
  • Composer (composers): those whose job is to compose songs (ie vocals and instrumental) to be passed on to others who play them  
  • Arranger: those whose job is to make arrangements of instruments, vocals and a combination of the two to make harmony music. Continue the work of the composer. 
  • Music players: those who play a role in presenting beautiful music and songs in accordance with the arrangements 
  • Singers (performers): those whose work displays all of the above with their vocal abilities 

Music Publisher 

Music Publishers (music publishers) are those whose tasks are to manage, administer and exploit copyrights. In the music industry, a music publisher can work with all of the artists above. However, often he only does certain tasks. Basically, a music publisher will help songwriters get copyrights and royalties, promote their work, connect with artists and give permission to do promotions and advertisements. 

Publishing Agent 

Usually, publishing agents will work under the auspices of certain record labels. They usually have many artists who take shelter in it, ranging from songwriters, musicians to singers. Each artist with his talent and contracted by the publishing agent. This is done with the hope that one day or some of them will appear as big artists. 

Combining the work of all elements of the music industry 

A music publisher will ask an artist to sign a contract for a certain period of time. Then, a music publisher will represent the artist for all his work. If this collaboration goes well, then the contract can be extended for a certain period according to the agreement. However, the contract can also be terminated if there is no mutual agreement. 

Artists who have signed a contract are entitled to receive royalties for all their works paid in advance. This seems to look good and beneficial. However, often, the reality does not happen that way. It could be that the agent withholds the artist's income until everything that was paid in advance was returned by the artist. That is why, it is very important for an artist to know the ins and outs of the Indonesian music industry that looks tempting before plunging into it. Do you want to be involved in the music industry?

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