Discover 5 Most Popular Miami Best Beaches for Your Next Holiday

Description: Are you planning to enjoy your beach time in Miami? The following Miami best beaches may help you to choose the best beach to suit your desire.


Are you longing for a beach vacation that enables you to sunbathe, indulge in an unnumbered number of water activities, playing in the sand, or have a picnic? Discover 5 Miami best beaches that will answer your prayer for such a vacation.

Beaches in Miami are open to the public and they offer spectacular natural attractiveness. Some beaches are adorned with gorgeous palm trees to offer some shady places for every visitor. Some beaches become the best place to soak in the sun.

Trained lifeguards are a common sight in Miami beaches to keep every vacationer in every beach save. When the tides and winds are too strong, they will warn the visitor about any potential danger of the sea with flag systems.

Beaches in Miami feature all kinds of public facilities such as on-site grills, restrooms, picnic areas, and numerous water activities. Restaurants, bars, and other attractions are also available close by the beach.    

Let us take A Closer Look at 5 Miami Best Beaches to visit!

Lummus Park Beach

Lummus is one of the best beaches in Miami for families where visitors can enjoy the beach, sunbathing, play volleyball, or simply play in the sand. Something special about Lummus Park beach is that it has a grassy area that creates a stunning promenade between the grassland and the sandy beach. Savor yourself with some delicious lunch at the bars and restaurants along the boardwalk. You will also find plenty of spots for taking photos as this beach is gorgeous and famous as the filming place.

Haulover Beach

One of the most picturesque beaches with its astonishing dunned landscape, lifeguard towers, and some picnic areas along the beach. On Thursdays, there are live music performances and food truck festivals on this beach to add the vibe. When the current is strong, you will find many surfers adventuring the tide here.

Crandon Park

Comes with a nature center, winding promenade along with a family amusement center, Crandon Park is considered to be one of the best beaches in Miami for families to visit. Its shallow and crystal-clear water also becomes the best place for children to explore the beach. 

There are some on-site grills available throughout the beach for every visitor to feast a picnic blast. Enjoy your delicious meal while watching people play volleyball here. You can rent a cabana to spend your time here at the south end of the beach.  

Sunny Isles Beach

It is the perfect place to visit when you want to unwind and relax at the beach without having to face the crowd, due to its fewer tourists. The beach offers a stunning pier view that makes it the best place to enjoy the striking sunset beach Miami. 

Its pristine water and white sand only add to its beauty. Kids can play at the oceanfront public park should they are bored with building sandcastles. The clear water, clean shores, and peaceful atmosphere of Sunny Isle Beach make it the perfect place to spend your day or weekend here.

Matheson Hammock Park

It is a beach famous for its gorgeous natural landscape with old oak trees, waving palm trees and mangroves. Enjoy the stunning beach where people play paddleboarding and kiteboarding aside from the beautiful marina and artificial atoll pool.

There are surely a lot more beaches to name in Miami that might suit your vacation wish. However, with any luck, the above-mentioned Miami best beaches may give you a glimpse about which beach to visit for your next holiday. Happy hunting!

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