7 Recommendation on Gorgeous Beaches in Japan

Description: Even though Japan may not be your ultimate destination when it comes to beaches, surprisingly, there are gorgeous beaches in Japan to consider and visit.




Japan is a country with many islands presided over in the Pacific Oceans that offers gorgeous coastlines with breathtaking ocean views. One of the renowned beaches in Japan is located in Okinawa where people can pamper themselves sunbathing and swimming on those attractive beaches. They can also enjoy the gorgeous white sand and clear water there.

Famous Okinawa beaches and its surrounding islands among others are Kume Island, Kerama Islands, Okinawa Main Land, Miyako Island, Amami Oshima, and Ishigaki Island. However, there are also many beautiful beaches aside from ones available at Okinawa you may want to put on your bucket list for your next holiday to Japan. Keep on reading for more information on those magnificent beaches and coastlines.

Discover Some Beautiful Beaches in Japan

Moriya Beach

When it comes to Japan and its beaches, one of the best activities you should never miss is seeing the beautiful sunset. This also applies to this Moriya beach which is situated in Chiba island. You will be able to enjoy the stunning views on all sides of the beach while having a picnic of your best lunch with your loved ones. Set up a tent here and enjoy your all-day-long beach vacation on this pink sand Japan beaches.

Ogasawara Islands

Some beaches in these islands come with picturesque views along with their opaque blue water and white sandy to pamper every visitor who wants to snorkel, swim, or have a sunbath here.  

Kotohiki Beach  

This hidden paradise which is located in northern Kansai will amaze you with its towering cliff and breathtaking views. Try to walk down the beach a little further for an outdoor hot spring called rotenburo by the locals. Enjoy and pamper yourself in this magnificent place for a warmer place to stay while watching the sunset behind the highlands.

Yuigahama Beach in Kanagawa

You can reach this beach resorts within only 15 minutes from Kamakura Station in Kanagawa. The locals love to swim, indulging in many beach games while viewing the flamboyant sunsets. The waves on this beach are shallow and gentle that makes it perfect for every beginner to learn surfing. If you love festivities, come to this beach in summer for some fireworks and open-air markets along with many fun activities to enjoy.  


Among the beaches on Japan near Tokyo, Odaiba is a man-made beach with an 800-meter-long coastline situated close to the Decks shopping mall. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to swim here, so, just enjoy the sun and sand while relaxing yourself here. Gorgeous views of Tokyo’s skyscrapers and Rainbow Beach are dearly embraced while viewing the gorgeous sunset at this beach.  

Miho Beach

This gorgeous Japan sea beach is famous for its amazing view of pine trees and Mount Fuji from the seashore. Instead of having sand on its coastline, Miho beach offers stones on its seashore. Public facilities such as toilets, showers, and changing rooms are available at certain costs.

Kujukuri beach

Being the second longest beach in Japan that stretches up to 66 km, this beach is located in the Boso Peninsula of Chiba island. You can indulge yourself in many enjoyable water activities such as jet skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, and surfing. The great thing about this beach is that it offers a herb garden consisting of more than 200 herbs that will amaze you.

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