Beginner's Guide: 5 Best Tourist Attractions in Tokyo

Description: Tokyo is one of the most recommended cities to visit in the world. It has a lot of tourist attractions you don't wanna miss.



The capital city of Japan has a lot of things to offer especially for those of you who come for the first time. Tourist attractions in Tokyo are not limited to skyscrapers, but it's enchanted traditional Japanese culture has captured people for many years. This metropolitan city indeed blends well with its tradition.

Since there are many top-rated tourist attractions in Tokyo, it can make you distracted at some points. This article compiles 5 best tourist attractions in Tokyo which helps you feel relaxed. Here are the details:

1. Sensoji Temple, Asakusa

This Buddhist temple is one of the top tourist attractions in Tokyo. This temple was built aiming to end human suffering in the past by enshrining Kannon. Every year, it welcomes more than 30 million visitors who pray or just stroll around. 

The area of this temple covers a lot of good spots to take pictures such as five-story pagoda, Kaminarimon Gate, and shopping streets called Nakamise Dori. If you want to visit this temple, you can make a stop at Asakusa station which is traversed by 4 train lines.

2. Scramble Crossing and Hachiko Statue, Shibuya

This place is one of the most popular attractions in Tokyo that you don't want to miss. It's said that your trip to Tokyo won't be complete if you don't visit this place. This tourist object is one of the most crowded crossing streets in Japan and it became one of the best spots to document your trip.

On top of that, just around the corner of the crossing street, you can find Hachiko statue, a loyal dog whose story touched many people. Furthermore, this area also covers several shopping streets where you can buy souvenirs or high-end items. To visit this place, you should make a stop at Shibuya station.

3. Odaiba Complex

Odaiba is a largely reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay that was built initially for defensive purposes during the war. Now it has been transformed into a touristy place where you can find an imitation of Liberty Statue, shopping malls, and many modern museums. One of the most popular museums now is TeamLab Borderless.

However, they are not the main reason why many tourists, especially robot enthusiasts come to this place. There is a new giant Gundam installed in this area that you can see its mode changes four times a day. Make sure you get your camera ready to capture the moments. 

To visit this place, you can get on the Yurikamome line which travels along the Tokyo Bay area.

4. Meiji Jingu, Harajuku

Meiji Jingu is the most famous Shinto Shrine in Tokyo which can be accessed less than 10 minutes from Harajuku Station. This calming and full of greenery shrine is a total contrast to the crowded and energetic Harajuku area. 

In this temple, you can witness various Shinto activities such as hanging an Ema in a designated area. Ema is a wooden plaque whereon you write your deep wishes to the God of Shinto. If you visit this shrine on Sunday, you are likely to see a Shinto wedding ceremony.

5. Akihabara

This Tokyo tourist attraction is very popular and a must-visit location if you love anime, manga, and electronics. This area covers a lot of electronic stores, manga, and anime cafes. No wonder this place has become the center of otaku, a die-hard manga and anime fan.

You also can visit the Gundam cafe and AKB cafe, a famous Japanese girl group. If you are interested to visit this place, the nearest station is Akihabara Station.

Tourist attractions in Tokyo are not limited to these five because Tokyo has more to offer. If you love strolling around a park, you can check Showa Kinen Park, Yoyogi Park, and Shinjuku Gyoen Park. You might also want to witness the fish auction at Toyosu Fish Market.

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