Influencer Marketing 2021 That You Need To Prepare

Influencer Marketing Trends in 2021 That You Need To Prepare
Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing 2021. Currently, content related to digital marketing is the most sought after. Now we can't close the door if influencer marketing is one of the strategies that brands rely on to promote.

Entering 2021, of course, there will be many changes that we will see. This change is a natural thing considering the adaptation of new habits in the online world.

Seven The following was Influencer marketing trends in 2021.

Influencer Marketing 2021 That You Need To Prepare
Influencer Marketing 2021

1. More Video Content

The most sought-after video content treats. Short video lengths hit more than long ones. In just one minute we can see many videos on one platform.

Some of the creators I know, they can make at least 3 to five videos in one day for them to upload while at home.

As a result, we can enjoy the types of video content that are scattered through TikTok or Facebook Video today.

2. Increasingly Looked At Micro Influencers

The nano and micro influencer trends will be increasingly sought after in 2021. Moreover, brands are also starting being selective in finding which KOL is suitable for their brand and there is additional value.

Influencers themselves have five levels of influencers based on the number of followers and engagement rates.

3. Long-term Cooperation Relationships

Brands also don't hesitate to invite influencers, bloggers, and others to collaborate in the long term.

This cooperation is certainly beneficial for both parties. Namely, the service provider has an indirect bond with the brand.

As well as maintaining the good name of the brand so as not to do anything strange. Meanwhile, brands will get good exposure from influencers.

4. User Generated Content (UGC)

Content created by other users or known as User Generated Content (UGC) will be a new way of marketing word of mouth.

This user-generated content can be videos, images, or general social media posts. And sometimes the content created by netizens can outperform the content created by brands themselves.

This UGC content can provide additional value for the company. And, for brands that are observant about customer efforts, it can increase UGC and customer satisfaction.

5. Remote Working Style

This year we will be more familiar with the term work for home.

Working from home is the best way to minimize your exposure to Covid-19. Although in practice for some people feel less optimal.

But for me who has been working from home, for a long time is actually happy. I am currently looking for a permanent job that can be remote. Hopefully in the near future we can get a new job soon.

6. No Filter

I see there will be a saturation period for social media users with their favorite influencers performing in perfection.

They prefer influencers to appear as they are without filters. Because what they follow is a lifestyle that can be enjoyed.

7. New Social Media Platforms

Last year, Tik Tok rose again because the content served was much better.

So don't be surprised if this year, TikTok will be one of the platforms that will survive being used by influencers.

It seems that the influencer trend in 2021 is quite interesting to prepare. For those of you who work in big brands, it's time to make a forecast for the right marketing strategy for your next business.

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