Top 5 Things to Do in West Palm Beach

Description: West Palm Beach is a city in South Florida, USA. This tourist attraction offers many things to do during your visit.



Like its name, this place has a lot of palm trees across the city with breathtaking views of beaches. If you travel to the State of Florida, make sure you make a stop at this beautiful place. Because there are many things to do in West Palm Beach that you don't want to miss.

This city offers lively neighborhoods featured with buzzing entertainment and magnificent waterfront. This article compiles the top 5 things to do in West Palm Beach for those of you who are not sure what to do in this cultural hub. After reading this article, you will feel less lost.

1. Rosemary Square

The best things to do in West Palm Beach includes shopping, dining, enjoying live music performance or even sitting down watching people passing by. This revived downton area has European vibes with ancient architecture, sidewalk cafes and attractive fountains.

This place is surrounded by local shopping stores, restaurants and entertainment sites. If you are there on the weekend, you can enjoy live music shows performed by local bands. Furthermore, can also experience an impressive IMAX feature with 20 movie screens at AMC Cityplace 20.

2. Palm Beach Outlets

If you are a shopping lover, spending your money here is the best activity in West Palm Beach. This outlet area covers more than 100 stores which consists of various well-known brands. They are Tommy Hilfiger, Under Armor, Nike Factory Stores, Banana Republic Factory Stores, Vera Bradley and so on.

3. Northwood Village

The next recommended thing to do in West Palm Beach is exploring Northwood Village. If you have a hip lifestyle, this place is a great place to stay because it has bohemian vibes that suit your personality. This area covers edgy art galleries, vintage shops and hippie cafes.

This place organizes community events every month such as food truck events, art walk and art night out. No wonder this becomes the most seethed spot in the bounty. 

4. Clematis Street

This is one of the main streets which has become the historical heart of people in the bounty. This area is surrounded by historical sites, live performances, restaurants, clubs and typical dress shops. On one side of the street, you can find dancing fountains and enjoy the waterfront breathtaking views.

The best time to visit this area is on Thursday nights because you will be entertained by live performances of the best bands in West Palm Beach and incomparable social scenes. 

5. Norton Museum of Art

Last but not least to do list in West Palm Beach is enjoying beautiful art at Norton Museum. This museum was built in 1941 by a retiree called Ralph H. Norton to display his art collections. The collections now have more than 7,000 pieces which are divided by geographical categories such as European, Chinese and American.

If you want to enjoy these impressive art collections, make sure to spare your time around two hours. General tickets to enter this site costs US$ 18, US$ 5 for students and US$ 15 for seniors. The ticket fee is waived for military officers, teachers and children under 12.

Actually, there are still many things to do in West Palm Beach. This bounty has several gardens and zoos that you can visit with your beloved family.


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