Safe and Profitable Investment for Beginners Today

Safe and Profitable Investment for Beginners Today

As ordinary people, when we talk about investment, surely many will immediately imagine the high risk. Even though not all investment instruments have a high level of risk.

It is true that there are some types of investment that have a high enough level of risk. Even from this investment, you can get a high enough profit too. The term is high risk high return.

However, some other investment instruments carry quite minimal risk. So you don't need to be afraid of losing large amounts of money if you invest in this type of investment.

Not only safe, some of these investments can also provide huge returns making them suitable for beginners who are just learning investing.

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Safe and Profitable Investment for Beginners Today

5 Safe and Most Profitable Investments for Beginners

The following are 5 types of investment that are not only safe and have minimal risk, but are also able to provide a fairly high profit or profit.

1. Gold Investment

Gold is the first and top choice of safe investment and is suitable for beginners.

As a long-term investment instrument, gold has many advantages besides its safety factor.

Gold has a very stable value and will continue to increase over time.

Thus, the value of gold will not be eroded by inflation or in other words its value will continue to rise in the future despite inflation.

2. Time Deposit

Time deposits can not only be a safe investment product, but also have a fairly quick payback period. So it is suitable for short-term financial planning.

Basically, a time deposit is quite similar to a regular savings account. What distinguishes it is only higher interest than ordinary savings.

In addition, deposits cannot be withdrawn at any time like regular savings. You are given a choice of timeframes for depositing your money for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and so on.

3. Property Investment

With property investment, you can reap the results in a fairly short time. Even though, you can't get Break Even Points instantly.

However, these benefits can be generated continuously in a fairly long period of time depending on the type of property.

The usual forms of property for investment are land, house, housing, shop, shop, apartment, boarding house, or rented house.

The level of risk from property investment is very minimal because the selling price or property will continue to increase over time. In fact, the increase is often exponential, so it is very profitable for investors.

4. Mutual Fund Investments

Mutual fund investment is an investment instrument that works by collecting funds from investors and then placing them in a securities portfolio managed by an investment manager.

Investment managers are trained people who are trusted to manage securities portfolios based on mutually agreed policies and are responsible for mutual fund performance.

Even though it sounds quite risky, in fact mutual fund investing is one of the safe investment instruments and can be the choice of novice investors.

5. Peer To Peer Lending (P2P Lending)

When compared with other investment instruments, you can say that Peer to Peer Lending is a new investment instrument. Because it is a form of Financial Technology (Fintech) which has only been booming in recent years.

profitable investment with a capital of 10 million

However, P2P Lending is not a kind of fake investment because it has been officially registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

The profit that investors will get in P2P Lending depends on the policies of the platform owner, which usually ranges from 10% - 20% of profit.

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So there are at least 5 types of investments that not only make you not worry about big risks, but also remain profitable so they can be a good choice for beginners.

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