You Need to Know, Easy Ways How to Make Laptop Faster

Description: If your work relies on a computer then your damaged laptop is a big problem. Don’t rush to buy a new one. You should find out how to make a laptop faster.


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Nowadays many people leave PC devices and switch to laptops because of more practical. However, laptops often face problems, one of which often runs slowly. If so, you should not immediately bring it to a service center. There are ways how to make a laptop faster.

How to Make Laptop Faster

There are several ways to overcome a slow laptop. Here are some tips to make your laptop faster.

Uninstall the Applications

Installed applications become one of the causes of your laptop working slowly. If you have a lot of applications, the way to speed up your laptop is to reduce unused applications.

Applications on the laptop make the storage capacity in Drive C full so that the system takes a long time to read the hard disk.

You need to start selecting applications - which are frequently and rarely used. You can uninstall these applications to make your laptop faster. Use the application as needed. Unused applications will only fill the laptop and make its performance decrease.

Use Antivirus

Viruses or malware on a computer causes the computer to run slow. Viruses usually make laptop performance more extra so it becomes slow when you use it. The solution to overcome slow laptops is to install the best antivirus software.

Much laptop antivirus software is recommended. To make your laptop work faster, you should also do a full scan regularly at least once a week. Don't forget to turn off the automatic scan feature so that the antivirus doesn't run in your background.

Use Application

To overcome the slow working laptop, you are advised to use the application. In this case, it's important to know the laptop's specifications.

By knowing the specifications, you will be easier to install applications according to the specifications of your laptop's processor and RAM.

Do not over-force to install the application. It will only make the laptop work slowly - if the laptop is unable to contain it.

Open Preferred Application

Excessively running applications force your RAM to work extra hard and cause your laptop to slow down. To improve laptop performance, you need to adjust application usage to laptop specifications.

In this case, you can activate the task manager to control RAM usage when running multiple applications at once.

Clean Desktop

Placing many applications on the desktop also causes the laptop to be slow in responding to user commands. Also, be sure to always pay attention to applications running when the laptop is in startup activity.

To make a laptop work fast, try not to run too many applications because this causes the laptop to slow down. The application becomes working in the background which takes up RAM capacity.

Add RAM Capacity

Another way to make the laptop work optimally is to add RAM capacity. Generally, laptop manufacturers equip your laptop with RAM capacities ranging from 2GB-4GB. Even though running software is now requiring at least 8GB of RAM.

However, before adding RAM capacity, you must pay attention to RAM specifications (DDR3 RAM, DDR3L RAM, or DDR4 RAM). Also, the type of RAM (DIMM or SODIMM), including the maximum RAM capacity that you can apply to the laptop.

Some tips on how to make laptop faster should you try. It's time to start relying less on technical assistance for uncomplicated problems.


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  1. Mostly students someone to take my online class laptop is running slowly, there are a few steps you can take before bringing it to a service center. First, make sure your laptop has enough disk space left by deleting any unnecessary files or programs. Next, scan for malware and viruses using reliable antivirus software to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, managing browser extensions and disabling unnecessary startup programs can help improve speed.

  2. Great tips! Keeping your laptop clean and optimized can definitely improve its performance and extend its lifespan. Don't rush to buy a new one before trying these simple steps.

  3. Regularly delete unnecessary files and programs to free up disk space and improve performance.
    Use built-in system utilities or reputable cleaning software to remove temporary files, cache, and browser history.
    Keep your operating system and antivirus software up to date for optimal security and overall laptop health.

  4. Boost your laptop's performance with these simple tricks! Uninstall unused apps, employ reliable antivirus software, and optimize application usage based on your laptop's specs. Don't overlook the benefits of a clean desktop and consider upgrading your RAM for smoother multitasking.

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