Step by Step on How to Install Font In Windows 10

Introduction: Installing new fonts becomes crucial if you need a change of style of a document. So, do you know how to install font in windows 10?


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Installing new fonts becomes crucial if you need a change of style of a document to perform daily tasks. If you are a graphic designer, sometimes you have a particular set of fonts that you often use, and they are not preinstalled in Windows 10. So, do you know how to install font in windows 10?

There are two ways to install new fonts in Windows 10; by going to the Microsoft Store and manually drag and drop the font files. Follow the tutorials below:

Install Fonts Through the Microsoft Store

Windows 10 offers a simple way to install new fonts through its official store. To do it, read the following tutorial and practice it.

Open the Setting section in Windows 10, and select Personalization. Click on the Fonts tab.  

You will see the available windows fonts list on the page. You can search the font that you want to check if it has been installed.

If you cannot find it, you can click the link written in blue, on top of the window – Get more fonts in Microsoft Store. 

Choose which free fonts for Windows 10 that you want. You can also purchase some paid fonts. 

Click and download the Windows fonts that you want, and the system will automatically install the fonts. 

Install Fonts Manually

If the fonts that you want to install is not available in the Microsoft store, you always have an option to download it from other websites. Nowadays, many websites offer free or paid fonts that can match your style. After purchasing or downloading them, you can install it manually. 

You can install OTF font windows 10, or any other types of fonts easily. Just follow the simple tutorial below.

Download the fonts that you want. Usually, the fonts will be packed in a zip file.

Extract the zip file if it is required. 

Go to the search box on the taskbar, click it and type Control Panel. 

Select Appearance and Personalization. Click Fonts.

You will see the font list. Drag your new font to the font window, and voila! Your font has been installed and ready to use. 

Sometimes, some problems might happen, for example, the installed fonts not showing up in Word Windows 10. The most common reason is that the font is corrupted. Try to delete it from the font library, download it once more, and repeat the steps above. 

How to Delete Fonts

Sometimes, the newly installed fonts are corrupted, and the file remains on the font library. If it happens, before reinstalling, you can delete it first. To do it, you can click the font and select Delete on the top bar menu. 

As an alternative, you can just right click on the font and click Delete on the pop-up menu. Click Yes for confirmation, and your font file will be deleted. 

Those are some simple ways on how to install font in windows 10. Installing new fonts is easy, and it only needs some minutes. Are you ready to install your favorite new fonts on Windows 10?


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