How To Become A Software Developer With No IT Experience

How To Become A Software Developer With No IT Experience

Did you know, according to Dice, software developer is an IT profession that offers the highest salary in 2021.

This fact has prompted many job seekers to find out how to become a software developer even though they have no IT experience.

Not only that, for 3 consecutive years this IT job was also included in the list of jobs with the best job security.

According to research, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States, software developer is one of the careers not affected by the Covid-19 pandemic with a low rate of layoffs.

This profession is in fact increasingly needed by companies. The demand for expert software development increased by 25 percent during the pandemic.

How To Become A Software Developer With No IT Experience

Become a Software Developer Without IT Experience

However, is it possible for someone with no IT experience to have a career as a software developer?

Of course. Those of you who don't have a background in IT studies also have the opportunity to pursue a career in software development.

So, curious about how to become a software developer without having a degree from IT studies? Relax, here Glints describes 3 success steps especially for you. Come on, listen!

1. Follow bootcamp

The first way for those of you who want to become a software developer without an IT degree is to follow a bootcamp.

Unlike learning from online programming videos, bootcamp offers a more intensive and immersive learning experience.

There, you will be taught the essential programming skills you will need to start a career as a junior software developer, according to Northcoders.

In addition, the learning system is also different from universities, where there will only be one teacher providing material to a group of participants.

Usually, not just theory, but participants also go through special programming training to facilitate career opportunities as a software developer.

2. Join the internship program

The next way that you can follow to become a software developer is to take part in the internship program.

Maybe now you are wondering, can someone who does not have an IT degree take an internship program in the field of software development?

In fact, this is very possible. This is because, according to the Josh W Comeau page, companies generally do not give priority to internship applicants with a background in IT studies.

Instead, what companies are looking for are those who are interested in the world of software development and who intend to learn.

So, by taking an internship program, you can get a variety of interesting knowledge needed to apply for work as a software developer.

3. Join the software development community

Finding a community to learn from can be the best way for you to become a software developer.

The reason is, according to the Learn Code With Me page, the community usually contains members with the same ideals and interests.

So, joining a group with a similar passion for software development can motivate you to study harder.

Not only that, the community can also be your place to capture new knowledge about the world of software development.

Because, you can directly ask for help from experienced community members.

He can be a mentor as well as a professional reference when you start looking for work as a software developer. Interesting right?

Those are the three ways that you can follow to become a software developer even if you don't have IT experience.

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The point is, what you have to remember is to learn and don't give up.

Because, the opportunity to work as a software developer is always wide open. What you need to do is to continue to learn and develop your potential.

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  2. Great article! As someone who is interested in making a career change into software development but has no prior IT experience, I found this piece very informative and encouraging. The step-by-step approach outlined in the article provides a clear roadmap for beginners, and the emphasis on continuous learning and networking is spot on. It's reassuring to know that with dedication, hard work, and the right resources, anyone can break into this exciting field. Thanks for sharing!"SMM Panel

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