Are You Game Lovers? Just Find How to Overclock CPU Easily

Description: Knowing how to overclock CPU is important for CPU users. Generally, game lovers overclock to add PC capabilities while gaming without spending much money.


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CPU overclocking is a great way to get additional performance from your hardware. In principle, how to overclock CPU is not complicated, even quite easy. However, you have to do it carefully since it can pose a risk of damage to the hardware.

How to Overclock CPU

To get satisfying results, CPU overclocking must follow the right steps. Here's how to start CPU overclocking.

Check CPU Stability

To ensure the CPU overclock process runs smoothly, you should know that the CPU can be stable in both idle and max loads. You can download a temperature monitoring program. Use Core Temp software because it is compatible with AMD and Intel core.

Core Temperature

After all, programs are installed, to overclock your CPU is using Core Temp to monitor CPU temperature. Be sure to be at the lowest core temperature to find out the CPU heat.

Stress Test

Next, you need to set the CPU at the highest level to find out 100% CPU heat. Use Prime95 software and select 'Just Stress testing'. Then, you will get a list of choices for stress tests. Select 'Blend Test' and press 'OK'.

Enter BIOS

After CPU temperature has stabilized, you enter Prime95. Select 'Test' in the top bar and press 'Stop'. In the PC overclocking system, you then restart the PC and press the ‘Delete’ key on the keyboard to enter the BIOS.


After entering the BIOS, you will find an overclocking tab called ‘OC Tweaker‘. Here you will have several choices. However, the easiest way to overclock CPU is to let the motherboard do this job (auto-overclock).

Change Multiplier

Advanced users will find more comprehensive manual controls for overclocking CPU. For example, you want to change the CPU ratio (multiplier) for all cores to the number of targets you want to achieve.

Maximum Load Test

After changing the CPU multiplier ratio to 40, then save the change and exit the BIOS. Next, Boot into Windows, open Core Temp to monitor CPU temperature, open Prime95, and select ‘Options’.

The next step is 'Stress Test' and finally 'Blends Test' to see your chip working at max load. If this process is stable for at least five minutes, you can start to overclock to a higher level.

Finding Limit

At the point of CPU overclocking, you can increase the multiplier (CPU ratio). Then, repeat the stress testing process in Windows every time you reach the point where the PC runs normally. You must find a blue screen. Ideally, a blue screen appears before reaching the thermal limit.

Increased Voltage

To solve the blue screen problem, you must use the Vcore voltage. Return to BIOS and find CPU Vcore Voltage Mode, and then change it to 'Fixed'. Here, you need to research the type of CPU Vcore needed in overclocking the CPU.

You increase the voltage of 0.01 volts is meant to boot, stress test, and maintain target frequency stability.

Return to Benchmarking

You must maintain a stable CPU overclocking process. To achieve stable conditions, this depends on your PC.

Those are some basic things about how to overclock CPU. The tips above are quite simple and you can overclock even though you are still a beginner in computer science.


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