How To Improve Laptop Performance So You Work Comfortably

Description: Do you have a laptop with a slow performance? Every item including a laptop has a useful life. However, there are several ways how to improve laptop performance.


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Laptops generally have fast performance after completing the Windows 10 operating system. However, laptop performance will automatically decrease since it is used every day. You must know how to improve laptop performance so that it doesn't interfere with your work.

How to Improve Laptop Performance

There are several ways to improve laptop performance you can do yourself. The following are practical steps.

Updating Applications and Operating Systems

You must regularly update applications and operating systems on your laptop. An up-to-date system is not only making your laptop safer but also making your performance faster.

Disable Programs at Startup

Many programs run at Startup often make your laptop's performance slow. To increase laptop performance is to deactivate applications running at Startup. This can also improve overall response.

Disabling Effects and Animation

Increased load on system resources from visual and animation effects also causes laptops to run slowly. On new laptops, visual and animated effects do not have a major impact on performance. However, on old laptops, disabling effects and animations are mandatory.

Uninstall Bloatware

Unwanted Windows default software (bloatware) also slows down the performance of your laptop. They take up memory space and block other applications. Therefore, to improve the performance of your laptop, you should delete unused applications.

Use Monitor Performance

Windows 10 has a tool to monitor performance in real-time called Performance Monitor. This tool will display system details and hardware resources. You can use this default tool to speed up the laptop performance you are using.

Enable Hibernate Mode

Hibernate saves all working memory or all activities on the laptop when the laptop is turned off and they will be restored as before when hibernated.

With hibernate; your laptop will have a faster response than shutting down completely with the shutdown command.

Disable Search Indexing

Search Indexing can speed up the laptop when you use the search command on the laptop. However, this feature can also weaken the performance of your gaming laptop since it works in the background and uses a lot of system resources.

Remove Extensions or Add-ons in the Browser

Extensions or add-ons on the browser will work on every tab you open. The more tabs you open it will also use a large number of system resources.

Extensions installed on the browser will also reduce the performance of your laptop. To increase the speed of your laptop, delete all unused extensions or add-ons in the browser.

Use the Tune-Up Application

Another way to make high-performance laptops is to install a tune-up application. This application can perform several functions, for example deleting duplicate files or files no longer used until defragmenting the hard disk.

Check for Viruses and Spyware

Viruses, spyware, and malware are not only dangerous for security but also make your laptop's performance slow. Install a trusted antivirus application or use installed Windows Defender to check for viruses on your laptop.

Use Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is a utility to delete unwanted files such as temporary files, offline web pages, and installer files. How to access, it is to open the Start menu and click Disk Cleanup. The absence of unwanted files will make your laptop able to improve its performance.

That's the way how to improve laptop performance so you can use it speeding. Remember, you must take care of your laptop regularly to improve its performance.


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