Tourist Attractions for Children on Vacation in the New Normal Era

Tourist Attractions for Children on Vacation in the New Normal Era

Currently the Indonesian people are in a transition period to a new normal after the end of the PSBB (large-scale social restriction measures). However, it is still limited to community space, but activities can still be carried out outside the community while maintaining health protocols

Some people begin to use the transition to the new normal for traveling. Traveling during the new normal period requires tourists to adhere to health protocols in accordance with the provisions. However, the existing regulations will never become an obstacle to taking a short leave of absence after several months of activities at home.

Tourist attractions that are safe for children

As instructed by the government, tourist attractions are now starting to reopen according to new health regulations. For those of you who have children, you can safely visit various tourist attractions while still following health procedures.

Here are some tourist attractions that can be visited with children in this new normal era.

1. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Tourist Attractions for Children on Vacation in the New Normal Era

All Indonesian people must be familiar with Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Taman Mini is not only a tourist spot for children, but also provides various facilities for tourists of all ages.

In the new normal era, TMII has now been reopened but under a new procedure. This tourist spot in East Jakarta now limits visitors and only accepts half of all visitors on weekdays.

You can also visit various recreational parks on the TMII Children's Tour. You can visit Bird Park, Cactus Park and Chinese Culture Park.

2. Kepulauan seribu

Tourist Attractions for Children on Vacation in the New Normal Era

It's boring to stay home for a few months. But now, you can take your children and family out to play for a while and enjoy nature. One of the natural attractions that can be visited normally is tourism in the Thousand Islands.

Due to its child-friendly environment and beautiful natural conditions, this kind of nature tourism can also be called a children's tourist attraction. Tourists of all ages can enjoy this children's attraction.

In addition, according to the appeal of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, visitors are limited to 50% of the total number of tourists from the Kuril Islands. Children's tourist attractions in the Thousand Islands are now equipped with basic sanitation facilities, such as hand washing stations.

3. Taman Impian Jaya Ancol

Tourist Attractions for Children on Vacation in the New Normal Era

Taman Impian Jaya Ancol has always been a tourist destination for those of you who are on vacation in Jakarta. Now you can visit various entertainment facilities, not only for adults, but also for children.

During the new normal transition period, this children's tour has reopened and includes health procedures that visitors and employees must follow.

In addition, pregnant women and seniors over 50 years old are also not allowed to enter. However, children above 5 years of age are allowed to enter and enjoy the facilities of this kids tour.

4. Taman Safari Indonesia

Tourist Attractions for Children on Vacation in the New Normal Era

This tourist spot can be said to be a favorite tourist spot for children. Almost every child loves animals and is curious about their life. Now, Taman Safari is ready to welcome visitors who want to appreciate its attractions.

However, of course the reopening of children's tourism is not without a new sanitation agreement. Since 15 June 2020, the Wildlife Park has been opened gradually. The only facilities that are allowed to operate are outdoor tourism facilities.

5. Farmhouse Bandung

Tourist Attractions for Children on Vacation in the New Normal Era

Not only Jakarta residents can enjoy the reopening of tourist attractions during the new normal transition period. Now, residents of West Java Province, especially Bandung, can visit the city's most popular tourist attractions for children.

One of the new rules that must be followed in child tourism is that only tourists who are allowed to enter are allowed to have a West Java ID card.

In addition to the various procedures that must be followed, of course you can also wear a mask, wash your hands frequently and keep your distance, so that you can really enjoy the excitement of this children's tour.

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So, those are 5 tourist attractions that are safe for vacationing children. The most important thing is you have to keep the health protocols established by the government.

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